2016 TBTL Song of the Summer Winner!

TBTL Backyard Picnic
Thanks to everyone who came out to join us at the TBTL Summer Picnic! And thanks to our friends at Chateau Ste. Michelle for making it possible! The threat of rain took us indoors at the winery this year, where hundreds of Tens packed together to share food, laughs, and perfect sips of wine. Check out photos from the event at the TBTL fan page on Facebook.

Well, gang, all the votes have been cast, the ballots have been counted, and it’s time to officially crown this year’s TBTL Song of the Summer!

Congratulations to all the fine musicians who made it so far into this prestigious contest. Out of the many, many songs competing for your votes, I think we can safely say everyone is a winner. Except maybe for that Pokémon Rap song.

You can listen back to all of the nominees on this handy Spotify playlist (except for the songs not available on Spotify. I’m looking at you, Beyoncé.)


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Here’s how things went down:

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