APM Podcast Proposal Portal

Thank you for submitting your podcast pitch to American Public Media.

Our podcast development team reads and carefully considers every pitch. We will contact you to explore the idea further if we feel there might be a good fit. It may take a few weeks for us to respond.

Please provide the following information to help us evaluate your podcast concept.

In a paragraph, describe the show concept.
Who do you have in mind for a host, and what is the host’s connection to the topic?
How do you imagine the show being structured? (e.g. interview based, serial storytelling). What are the different features the show might include?
Describe three sample episodes of the show, with a breakdown of its segments.
(e.g. daily, weekly, bi-weekly, other )
What support would you need to create a full pilot episode of the podcast? (e.g. sound designer, editor, etc).
Describe one or more intended audiences for this podcast. Be as specific and descriptive as possible.
Are there similar podcasts already available? Please list them.
How would your show be different from its competition? Why would listeners choose your show?
What potential partnerships and collaborations are available for the podcast?
Provide a link to an example of your work. This may be an early version of your concept or previous work.

Provide a description of your work sample and it’s relevance to the proposal.

The purpose of this policy is to avoid any potential misunderstandings if your original work seems similar to a current or future APM/MPR program, since many works and submissions are based on the same or similar ideas. By submitting your idea, you agree that APM/MPR will not be held responsible in that eventuality.

Please note that, by submitting materials, you acknowledge that you have read this MPR submission policy, and understand that by making such a submission, you are confirming that MPR has no obligation to you or your submission, and that you have no claim based on your submission.