A little more about Awesome Etiquette, with Lizzie Post

August 25, 2014

Your Hosts: Lizzie Post and Daniel Post Senning.

The Podcast: Awesome Etiquette | iTunes

The great-great-grandchildren of Emily Post, Lizzie and Dan have taken up the mantle of answering the pressing etiquette questions of the day.  They’ve been regular contributors to the Dinner Party Download, and with Awesome Etiquette, they now have their own podcast with which to dispense advice on traditional topics like dating and entertaining to the wild frontier of the Internet.  Here’s a little more from Lizzie Post.

Lizzie Post and Daniel Post-Senning

Do you have an overarching goal for this podcast?  Is there anything specific you hope to do/accomplish with this show? 

LP: Yes, we want this podcast to bring Emily Post back into the homes (cars, smart phones) and conversations on regular basis.

Do you listen to other podcasts?  If so, which ones and why?

LP: Dan listens to a Patriots podcast and to Savage Love regularly.

Three guests you’d like to have on.  Can be real, fictional, dead, or Paul Rudd.

LP: Steve Martin – I’ve heard a number of other actors comment on how polite he is…

Dan Savage – so much of what he talks about is really based in etiquette it’s just focused on sex and relationships

I’m blanking on a third right now…there’s such a huge pool of people!

Is there an etiquette “must” that you find yourself struggling with from time to time? 

LP: I am terrible at remembering gifts for weddings.

Is there a city or region of the U.S. that you find is significantly “better” at etiquette?  Conversely, is there some place where they just don’t get it?

LP: Nope, people are people no matter where you go. Although I will say I get the most amount of smiles and hellos and how are yous in New Orleans.