A little more about Secret Skin, with Open Mike Eagle

August 25, 2014

Your host:  Open Mike Eagle

The Podcast: Secret Skin | iTunes

Chicago native. Los Angeles resident. Indie hip-hop purveyor.  Pull quotes of note:  “President of the rappers that don’t condone date rape.”    “Rapper of the Year for 2013.”  “Former resident advisor, Southern Illinois University.”  (The first two are a lot cooler.)  Has appeared on Wits, WTF with Marc Maron, Eric Andre’s live show and a host of other things.  His new album is Dark Comedy.  In his words, it is “45 minutes of giggling at the abyss.”  Here’s some more stuff you might want to know.

Open Mike Eagle

Do you have an overarching goal for this podcast?  Is there anything specific you hope to do/accomplish with this show? 

OME: I really want to get into some heavy stuff with folks in hip-hop and urban music especially. We tend to have to put on a happy face for the public and I want to give people a chance to talk about their day-to-day struggles.

Do you listen to other podcasts?  If so, which ones and why?

OME: My first podcast love affair was Adam Carolla, and through him I became introduced to Never Not Funny, WTF, and Fitzdog Radio. I check out Shots Fired, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s show and a few others now, but I mainly listen to the Ron and Fez Show on Sirius/XM.

Three guests you’d like to have on.  Can be real, fictional, dead, or Paul Rudd.

OME: MF DOOM, They Might Be Giants, John S. Hall

What is the best song you’ve heard in 2014?  Best album?

OME: Best album is mine, of course. Best song is whatever your favorite song on my album is. Which is what btw?

Personal favorite is “Thirsty Ego Raps” just for the consecutive Dave Gahan/Michel’le name drops.  I may have “Personal Jesus” and “No More Lies” cassingles in storage somewhere.

You mention in the pilot about wanting to express the inner life of a working hip-hop artist.  Please name some hip-hop artists whose inner lives you’d want to hear about. 

OME: MF DOOM, Biz Markie, Slick Rick, Drake kinda, Lil B

Your most recent release, Dark Comedy, got an excellent score of 8.0 from Pitchfork.  What do you think you did that kept it from being a 7.9, and what do you think you could have done to make it an 8.1?  (This is my way of saying that I have no idea how Pitchfork arrives at these numbers, and it has to be even more baffling for an artist whose work is under review.)

OME: Well, I would have got a 7.9 if I had said the word “afraid” once more and I would have gotten an 8.1 if I said the word “bitch” just once.

Funny thing is, there’s this other site that usually praises my work loudly but always gives me a 3.5 out of 5. They panned my new album and gave it a 3.