Episode #1: Cheston, Applied Science, and Star Anna

August 25, 2014 · 1:06:01

On the first episode of what Sherman calls the “middle-aged writer fading jock show,” Jess reads from “Cheston,” about a nihilist 4-year-old and his parents. Sherman reads from “Applied Science,” about a boy and girl losing their virginity, the girl’s realization that she’s a lesbian, and the tendency of all Christian movies to be about the apocalypse. They also welcome musician Star Anna, who plays a song and discusses bad gigs versus bad book readings and the general sketchiness of bass players.


  • The perfectly named Native American basketball legend Jonathan Takes Enemy.
  • “We’re writing for ourselves, and then college-educated white women pay our mortgages.”
  • Coaching/watching youth sports and the joy and misery contained therein.