Week in review: I would like to talk to you about Bob Seger

August 29, 2014

We started a new podcast network this week.  It’s called Infinite Guest.  Things are happening here.  Important things.  Things you should be downloading/streaming/using as a foundation for your new belief system, casting old ways aside.  Did Ma and Pa Kent blink when an alien baby landed in their wheat field?  No.  You shouldn’t, either.  Frankly, we’re stunned you’re still wasting your time reading this intro when a new, better life awaits.  Here’s what we made for you:

That’s a lot of entertainment for your podcast dollar.  If you blew through all these, we also have tremendous stuff in the archives from Wits, Life of the Law, You Must Remember This, and The Splendid Table.  Here are three excellent ones to start.  Some of you have a three-day weekend and a long drive ahead of you.  You’ll need this.

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Thanks for listening.  I leave you with a hopping llama and DMX.

(courtesy David J. Roth)

Be seeing you.