Episode #271: Bill Hader, Hiss Golden Messenger, Betty Halbreich

September 19, 2014 · 51:21
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Actor Bill Hader shows off his drama schooling … Bergdorf’s Betty Halbreich dresses down America, while endorsing wearing hats on your face … Biographer Mark Whitaker reflects on Bill Cosby’s comedy and complicated identity … Alt-country musician MC Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger crafts a party playlist for introverts … Marlon James’ novel imagines an intimate peek into the life of Bob Marley … Would you pay for a restaurant reservation? Rico gets in (somehow) to L.A. hot-spot Bestia for some table talk … Smells and the City with The Paris Review’s Sadie Stein … The botched roll-out of the Vietnam draft lottery … Math for poets … And some ‘Pom Pom’ pop (pop) …