Episode #4: Jess Walter Is Taking His Talents to the Grave, With Special Guest John Sirois

September 17, 2014 · 35:41

Both Sherman and Jess have been playing basketball for decades.  And they have the scars to prove it: Sherman has a busted mandible, pinky surgery, and back trouble on his resume, while Jess has tallied five or six emergency room visits.  Sherman still plays, but Jess makes his retirement from the game official in this episode, reading from an essay that lets the world know it now has one fewer one-eyed point guard.

Later on, they welcome John Sirois, Ivy League-educated tribal singer, who reveals that modern tribal songs cover the important things, like Facebook drama.


  • White dudes walking into Planned Parenthood in flip-flops.
  • Jess giving advice to his cab driver’s son about making it as an actor in Hollywood.
  • Trying to pin down the appeal of Lyft/Uber.