Episode #203: John Broomhall

September 9, 2014 · 22:23

You know the kind of jazzy music that begs you to recline your chair, put on some sunglasses, and (if no one’s looking) pretend to play the air saxophone? Okay, maybe that last part is just us. But the soundtrack to Transport Tycoon is that kind of music. It swaggers. It slides. It pops. It’s a far cry from the original 9-voice incarnation.

You see, when John Broomhall composed the music for the first Transport Tycoon game, he was limited by the playback technology at the time. Nothing could be live. But the new soundtrack is all live musicians playing brand new jazz and blues tunes. And it sounds good. Very good.

Oh, and by the way … this podcast includes two world-premiere tracks from the game.

Just sayin’.