Potential song titles for a Sufjan Stevens album about Wyoming

September 24, 2014

(Singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens’ alleged 50-state project, wherein Stevens would release an album about each one of the United States, was just a promotional gimmick, apparently, and petered out after two acclaimed records about Michigan and Illinois.  Despite this, I’ve brainstormed some ideas for the third record in case he wants to pick up the thread; moreover, I did so for one of the “less obvious” states.  It wasn’t always easy, but you’re welcome, Sufjan.)

Potential Song Titles for a Sufjan Stevens Album About Wyoming

  • Wyoming: That’s Where Cheyenne Is
  • I’m Drawing a Blank on Other Wyoming Cities
  • Cody, I Think, Maybe?
  • Richard Bruce Cheney
  • It’s Where Taco John’s Started
  • The Look On The Price Is Right’s Contestant’s Face When He Wins a Trip to Jackson Hole Because He Doesn’t Quite Know Where It Is
  • Jackson Hole: Also in Wyoming, It Turns Out
  • I Could Really Go for Some Potato Olés Now (Taco John’s Reprise)
  • Laramie!
  • Rulon Gardner Day
  • Goddamn It, What’s The Capitol?
  • Is It Casper?
  • No, It’s Cheyenne
  • Monroe from Too Close for Comfort Was Born in Casper (I Looked This Up)
  • Apparently They Call Themselves Wyomingites
  • The Bannock War of 1895 is Not to be Confused with the Bannock War of 1878 (This Is a Problem, I Guess)
  • The Johnson County War Was Here, Too
  • That’s a Lot of Wars from Before I Was Born, Wyoming. You Guys Work That All Out Yet?
  • The Devils Tower
  • Remember, in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, When Richard Dreyfuss Started Building Devils Tower Out of Mashed Potatoes?
  • Teri Garr Was Great in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (But She’s Not from Wyoming)
  • Yellowstone!  I Almost Forgot About Yellowstone National Park (What a Dummy)
  • Old Faithful Will Destroy Us All Run For Your Lives
  • I Assume There Are Many Farms and Ranches
  • Also Mountains
  • In Conclusion, Wyoming Is a Land of Contrasts