Episode #208: Andrew Aversa

October 23, 2014 · 22:35

Andrew got his start in video game music somewhat late. Though he trained (recreationally) on piano for a while in grade school, it wasn’t until an encounter in high school with some music making software that his outlook changed. After that, he wanted nothing more than to create and remix music for video games.

He improved quickly. In fact, after a few years, Andrew was one of the judges on OCRemix, an immensely popular video game music website where users upload their own music creations… if the music can pass the scrutiny of a panel of judges. One day, while weighing the merits of a recent submission, he heard a singer that took his breath away. He met the young woman named Jillian at a conference later that year. After a podcast, a number of dates, and some serious discussions about Star Trek, they were married. He tells the story with far more eloquence in the interview.

The two have gone on to create a number of collaborative albums, one of which will be featured in the coming weeks with Jillian’s episode. Both working together and separately, they have produced some magnificent work.

More recently, the biggest game name for Andrew is Soul Calibur V. One of many artists to work on the title, he composed for a 60+ member orchestra and choir… but sometimes long-distance composing can lead to unforeseen issues. (There’s a funny story there. Listen to the interview.)

Andrew also works for Impact Soundworks, a sample library he co-manages with composer Wilbert Roget. Together they create new, entirely digital instruments used by thousands of music producers. In fact, one of his guitar voices (Shreddage 2) is featured in the audio above. (Did we mention you should listen to it?)

The interview with Andrew ended differently than any other for Top Score. Just as the last goodbye was spoken, he wanted to say something to any composers or composer-hopefuls who may listen to the episode. This is his message – he reads and answers all of his e-mail, and would love to share any knowledge or experience he may possess to help bring new talent to the video game scene.

He says it himself, in the audio above.