Episode #205: Lisbeth Scott

October 2, 2014 · 23:07

Lisbeth Scott, singer on Journey, Mass Effect 3

Lisbeth Scott’s biography should include a disclaimer stating, “Very few singers’ lives follow this track.” Several years ago, a five-minute conversation took her from being a part-time singer and musician in a dance studio to performing in a soundtrack for Hans Zimmer, a titan of the industry… and she didn’t know who he was at the time. She only went up from there.

Scott had the voice from day one. She fully admits that her only real ‘voice training’ consisted of breathing lessons, and the rest was all-natural. This is especially surprising because she started her music training as a pianist, and were it not for a discerning teacher seeing that her heart wasn’t in the playing, her singing career may have never happened.

Since then, Lisbeth has gone on to work with nearly every big name in American movie composing. With an instantly recognizable voice and powerful emotional aesthetic in her approach, Scott has created a sound uniquely her own.

Best known in the video game world for her work in Journey and Mass Effect 3, Lisbeth shares stories with Emily about what it was like to record these tracks, life as an award-winning singer and her recent work on a vampire musical.