Episode #7: Molly Ringwald On Writing, Singing, and Work Clothes

October 29, 2014 · 50:48

Actress/Novelist/Jazz singer Molly Ringwald joins Sherman Alexie and Jess Walter to talk about singing at the Carlyle, what authors wear to work, and her suspicion of people who say they love to write. ¬†Sherman and Jess also discuss the thrill and agony of submitting one’s work.


  • Sherman reads his poem, White Girl Powwow Love, 1978, from Arizona State’s Superstition Review.
  • Jess reads a portion of Sex Talk, from Eastern Washington’s Willow Springs journal.
  • Sherman shares an actual sex talk from his father, which is, well, you should just listen to it.
  • Jess’ description of “patient selfies” is, well, you should just listen to that, too.
  • The odd names of literary journals, from Giants Play Ball Well in the Drizzle to (the possibly apocryphal) Blighted Death Match