S4TW: Super Mario Brothers, Myq Kaplan, and The Toast

October 24, 2014

NOTE FROM STU: This is our new weekly network feature.   It will talk about some stuff going on at Infinite Guest, and some stuff (a book, a band, a GIF, whatever) wholly unrelated that might benefit your weekend.  S4TW is shorthand for “something for the weekend.”  This can be hashtagged for more #viral #clicks, if you’re feeling up to it. 

COOL INFINITE GUEST THING: Karina Longworth’s You Must Remember This had a very timely episode on Raquel Welch, given the whole Renee Zellweger thing. If you want to read more from Karina about Hollywood, her Grantland deep dive on 1993’s Super Mario Bros. is well worth your time.

ISRAELI ARMY HECKLERS AND DINER WINE: These are just two of the many things comedian Myq Kaplan and Open Mike Eagle discussed on Secret Skin.

TENNESSEE’S LAWS ARE, WELL, YEAH: You can’t buy wine at a Tennessee grocery store, but if you want an open bottle of merlot in your car, go right on ahead.  Life of the Law examined this quirk in the Volunteer State’s law, and provided the best accompanying photograph in the network’s young history.

COOL NON-INFINITE GUEST THING: Mallory Ortberg is a genius, and you should be reading everything she writes at The Toast.  Most recent example of this: Women In Eagles Songs, In Order Of Trustworthiness.