Something for the weekend

October 17, 2014

NOTE FROM STU: I’m going to try and make this a weekly network thing.  It will talk about some stuff going on here, and some stuff wholly unrelated that might benefit your weekend.

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(Upon consulting Wikipedia, “something for the weekend” has other meanings. Since it’s on the Internet, I am taking this at complete face value.)

COOL INFINITE GUEST THING: The Soundtrack Series is now part of our network!  Dana Rossi’s show, where guests tell a live audience about a certain song and why it matters to them, made its Infinite Guest bow with Philadelphia playwright R. Eric Thomas’ tale about Madonna’s “Ray of Light.”  Feel free to take a spin through her archives, where various Go-Go’s and VJs can be found.

TWICE THE JESS: Jess Walter pulled double duty this week: He appeared on A Tiny Sense Of Accomplishment, talking dead novels, depression, bipolar disorder, and art with graphic novelist Ellen Forney and his co-host, Sherman Alexie; he also guested on Awesome Etiquette, where he consulted the Posts on friends who tip badly.

#FOURPAGEBOOBMEMO: On You Must Remember This, Karina Longworth continued her series on the active love life of Howard Hughes, with this episode focusing on Jane Russell, with Hughes’ missive to Josef Von Sternberg  inspiring one of the best hashtags I’ve had the privilege to write.

COOL NON-INFINITE GUEST THING: DJ Hennessy Youngman dropped CVS Bangers 3, a compilation of songs you’re likely to hear in your local pharmacy, mixed with airhorns, Liam Neeson, and an impossibly deep-voiced man saying “THE PHARAOH, ELTON JOHN” at random intervals. You’ll never hear Steve Winwood the same way again.