Episode #209: An Interview with the Super Marcato Bros.

October 30, 2014 · 17:57

Interviewing the Brueggemann brothers is like starting a ball rolling downhill – you give them a push, and they take things from there. It makes sense that the two work so well together, as Karl and Will have their own talkshow-style podcast dedicated to video game music, and have produced over 130 episodes to date. When they collaborate, they are known as the Super Marcato Bros.

These two seem to live and breathe retro video games, and they treat the classic soundtracks with reverence and respect. This passion stems from a deep emotional connection with the early tunes, as well as an appreciation for the skill and deftness of the original composers. They see genius in the catchy simplicity of the looped music, and there is something to be said about the ubiquitous, timeless quality of the original Mario theme.

Like anybody passionate about their genre, the Brueggemanns are not passive consumers of the music they love. Along with the podcast, they compose original and game-inspired music, often playing a number of instruments in the tracks. Karl and Will approach composing like mechanics – they tear the music they love apart, find out how and why it works so well, and then try to emulate the style in their own compositions. Their Mario, Sonic, Metroid, and Kirby tribute albums all represent research into the voice and techniques of the composers who came before them.

Take a listen to their chat with Emily, and find out what makes these guys such massive fans of early video game tunes. If an 8-bit, 3-voice melody has ever made you cry, you’ll love this one.