Chris Kimbrough, mother of six, Beer Mile record breaker, American hero

November 7, 2014

At the end of this episode of Home Dunk, John Moe mentions Chris Kimbrough, the 44-year-old Texas mother of six and new world record holder in the women’s Beer Mile.  A Beer Mile, as the title makes rather plain, is a sport that combines drinking beer and running one mile.  It’s typically run on a quarter-mile track, and you drink four beers: one at the start, then another at every quarter mile, for a total of four beers.  As someone who likes to keep these two activities separate, I applaud anyone with the gumption and stamina to combine them.

Kimbrough destroyed the old mark of 6:42, finishing at a time of 6:28.  We now have video of the final two laps/beers (h/t Chad Harris).  Watch it.  When you’re done, you’ll feel something.  That something is pride.  Pride in an America that maybe you thought no longer existed.  Well, it does.  Thank you for reminding all of us, Chris Kimbrough.