Being a celebrity in 1976 was amazing and there are pictures to prove it

November 4, 2014

The new installment of Karina Longworth’s You Must Remember This focuses on Barbra Streisand’s 1976 remake of A Star Is Born.  It’s great, as per usual, and also allowed me to trawl the absolute goldmine that is the Getty Images archives for a picture to go on the episode page.  (I couldn’t embed this one, otherwise I would have, because, well, LOOK AT IT.) I’ve done this for a few of our podcasts, and can confirm that 1976 was a landmark year in two aspects:

  1. American bicentennials
  2. Celebrity photography

I will share some of the best with you now.

David Bowie finds out FROM THE FUTURE about the Wallflowers’ cover of Heroes for the Godzilla soundtrack, reacts accordingly.

This is definitely a picture of the cast of Barney Miller with the four original Sweathogs.

Dammit, Elvis.

Diane Keaton almost makes this tie work. She doesn’t, to be clear, but it’s a lot closer than it has any right to be.

Jack Nicholson does not make the Elton John look work. He does not come close. Warren Beatty is a handsome devil, though. (I’ve listened to Episode 15 of YMRT; the use of the word “devil” is not accidental.)

See, Jack? Elton agrees.

“OK, Joe, we’re going to need you to sit between Glenn Frey and Don Felder so they don’t murder each other”
“Can I wear a pajama shirt?”
“Of course.”

Linda Ronstadt in a Boy Scout uniform and Katy Perry is kicking herself for not ripping this look off yet.

The sweater. That sweater is everything.

Tom Jones and Sly Stone and I love this picture.

Playing the part of Freddie Mercury in this picture of Queen is Christopher Guest. Also: Every rock band sort of looked like Queen in 1976. Except Lynryd Skynyrd, maybe. Let’s check.

More the same than different, frankly.