Episode #213: Inon Zur, Fantasia: Music Evolved Composer

November 26, 2014 · 23:55

Inon Zur remembers his very first viewing of Disney’s Fantasia. As a small child in Tel Aviv, the movie captivated him, in many ways solidifying his early love of composition. Now he’s come full-circle, working on the soundtrack to Disney’s new video game, Fantasia: Music Evolved.

The best description for the game might be “mesmerizingly immersive.” The player takes the role of a sorcerer’s apprentice (a direct reference to the original 1940 movie), and learns to control and create worlds with the use of rhythm and movement based on accompanying music.

With a score ranging from The Police to Mozart to Elton John to Dvořák, the musical possibilities are seemingly endless. Adding to the player’s creative arsenal is the fact that music can be remixed mid-play. In other words, the player can add instruments or voices while playing through a song, creating new sounds and a new experience every time. This is where the genius of Fantasia’s creative team truly shines. They split every song into parts (strings, percussion, brass, etc), and recorded them separately, thereby allowing the player to manipulate the musical mix mid-play.

Learn about the work that went into this recording process, how Fantasia’s original theme came to life, and how Zur helped take reactive music to new levels.