Episode #9: Peter Himmelman, Writing for Hollywood, and the Six-Word Short Story

November 26, 2014 · 50:00

Singer/songwriter Peter Himmelman is the special guest on this episode.  (That’s him singing the “A Tiny Sense Of Accomplishment” theme music.)  He and Sherman commiserate on the collapse of their respective industries and discuss writing songs on airplanes and Judaism.  Sherman and Jess also talk about writing for Hollywood and read from their most extreme short stories; Sherman shares the six-word “The Human Comedy,” while Jess reads “Love Song #79,” which is, yes, 79 words long.


  • “Film directors are among the worst human beings on the planet.”
  • A plug for Infinite Guest’s The Soundtrack Series podcast, where Sherman raves about Jamey Johnson’s “Cover Your Eyes,” and laments the lack of adultery and fistfights in modern country music.

“11th Confession,” Peter Himmelman

“Cover Your Eyes,” Jamey Johnson