Nancy Mullane on 2014

December 23, 2014

(I asked the Infinite Guest hosts a few questions about 2014.  They answered.  Here is Nancy Mullane from Life of the Law.)

Do you have one positive thing to say about 2014?  If so, what is it?

It was the year LOTL grew up! Turned the corner on a 4 lane busy street and moved into a cacophony of traffic, horns, buses and people. As it happens, the law is pretty important and when someone breaks it, especially if the law breaks the law, people care. It’s a fascinating time to be making a radio show about the law.

Is there an episode of your podcast from 2014 that you would point to and say, “Here’s what the show is about” to a new listener? 

Tough. Really tough question. Don’t want to answer it, but will start by saying jokes are powerful. Laughter is easy to move to. And this year, Life of the Law’s Senior Editor Mary Adkins produced her first radio story about comics who steal jokes from their own.  It made me laugh.  Every time I think of Sarah Silverman in the story, I laugh again.  A story about the law and a laugh.

Recommend one thing from this year.  Can be a song, a movie, a restaurant, a book, another podcast, etc.

Listening to a story on the radio or in your car or while you’re doing dishes is personal. It can take you inside your mind, your memory, your thoughts and heart. This year I had the chance to tell a live story at a Pop-Up event in San Francisco and Los Angeles. As a radio producer and now Life of the Law’s Executive Producer, I had forgotten what it was like to share a story in real time with real people. It wasn’t just the chance to tell my story about conjugal visits (which we produced in longer form for Life of the Law) but it was listening to other storytellers. It was theater. It was great. If you have the chance to attend next year’s Pop-Up, you won’t forget it. And that’s all it will be, a memory. Nothing is recorded. Poof.