S4TW: Ferguson, Conjugal Visits, Missing Brains

December 5, 2014

(Welcome to Something for the Weekend.  Some Infinite Guest stuff, some not Infinite Guest stuff.  Thank you.)

COOL INFINITE GUEST THING: Please listen to Open Mike Eagle talk about Ferguson on Secret Skin.  Thank you.

48 HOURS: Life Of The Law gives you the details of what takes place during a 48-hour conjugal visit.  It’s a fascinating listen.

(This is the conjugal visit apartment. Your Super 8 jokes aren’t funny.)

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: Since it is hopeless to gracefully transition from those two topics, I’m just going to note that Big Appetites honored National Cookie Day with Pati and Sally’s “go-to” cookies.  Recipes are included.

CONDOLEEZZA RICE IS PICKING YOUR COLLEGE FOOTBALL CHAMPION: Not by herself, but it’s still happening.  Home Dunk has College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock on hand to explain.

COOL NON-INFINITE GUEST THING: Where is Charles Whitman’s brain?  And 100 or so others?  No one knows.