The #IGYEE Day 1, Day 2 Rundown

December 24, 2014

If you missed any of our shows/blog posts from the first two days of the Infinite Guest Year-End Extravaganza, I’ve compiled them all here for you to browse.  Beats the hell out of going to the mall.

  • Secret Skin: Open Mike Eagle talks with Milo to review 2014, preview 2015, and debate the value of sitting down while recording a track. Mike also shares an unreleased song that chronicles a night at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis.
  • Awesome Etiquette: A fundraiser asks how to approach an angry donor, some advice on how to eat bread, and telling your friends their card game is racist.
  • Reasonably Sound: Mike Rugnetta wants you to know what his 2014 sounded like.  Get ready to hear audio from all of his Instagram videos from 2014, songs from his favorite records purchased this year, and a sonic interpretation of his Google calendar.  Also, his big realization of 2014: More people will make eye contact with you when you wear headphones in public.
  • A Tiny Sense Of Accomplishment: Sherman Alexie and Jess Walter read new works in progress, pick their favorite books and movies from 2014,  and answer a delicate listener question.
  • Home Dunk: John Moe and Mike Fotis hand out the inaugural “Dunkies” to worthy honorees like Derek Jeter, James Harden, Sacramento Kings owner/possible madman Vivek Ranadive, and nervous Chevy Regional Zone Manager Rikk Wilde.
  • Top Score: Emily, after a lot of reflection and gaming, has come up with her top 5 soundtracks (she claims it was horribly painful to narrow down the list).
  • Big Appetites: Borscht, salsa macha, rice pilaf, and a recipe that Pati says she made 40 times (!) are among the Big Appetites kitchen discoveries of 2014. Plus, Sally explains Rule #1 of microwave cooking to Pati.
  • The Soundtrack Series. A first crack at The Legend of Zelda. The importance of keeping your voice even as everything else changes. A special high school friend who only lives in memories and Madonna. These three stories from John Charles, Jay Owen Eisenberg and R. Eric Thomas are the Best of Soundtrack Series 2014. And because we don’t take the word “extravaganza” lightly, we also have the best opening line, title of a diary entry, use of Queen music, singing within a story, description of kissing, reason to be Lee Majors, and the bravest admission from other stories about songs throughout an amazing, music-soaked 2014!
  • You Must Remember This. In our first annual end-of-year clip show, we’ll listen to some of the booziest excerpts from the 25 episodes of You Must Remember This released thus far. Highlights include day drinking with Judy Garland; the irresistible antics of Kay Francis; the drunk driving arrest that wrecked Frances Farmer’s career, plus stories about Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra and more. Also: a zone-out-for-a-second-and-you’ll-miss-it mention of the topic of our first show of 2015!
  • Life of the Law: As we looked back over this year’s stories, one idea came up again and again: redemption. What it means to turn your life around. How the law handles forgiveness. So we’d like to revisit three of this year’s redemption stories. They don’t all have endings that are neat and tidy. But each, in its own way, offers the promise that change can happen, and that the future can be different from the past.

On the blog, we also have year-ending thoughts from Dana Rossi, Nancy Mullane, Sally Swift, Pati Jinich, Open Mike Eagle, Lizzie Post, Daniel Post Senning, and Jess Walter.

If you’re looking to dip your toe into one or more of these shows, the above episodes should give you a good idea of what they have to offer.  Thanks again for listening and reading.  See you on Friday for The Splendid Table, Wits, and The Dinner Party Download.