The Infinite Guest Year-End Extravaganza Is Coming

December 18, 2014

At this, the end of Infinite Guest’s first calendar year as a podcast network, we’re blowing the doors off this sucker with what we’re calling the …

Infinite Guest Year-End Extravaganza!

We’re calling it “IGYEE” for short. It has nothing to do with Australian pop stars or grizzled proto-punks.  That’s just the acronym.  We’re putting a hashtag in front of it for social media purposes.  #IGYEE: Learn it, know it, live it.

ANYWAY.  All 13 of our shows will be publishing next week, including five each on Monday, Dec. 22, and Tuesday, Dec. 23.  Some will look back at 2014.  Some will be “best-of” episodes.  Some will just be regular, excellent shows.  Here’s how it all breaks down.


  • Reasonably Sound
  • Awesome Etiquette
  • A Tiny Sense Of Accomplishment
  • Top Score (moved to Tuesday!)
  • Secret Skin


  • Home Dunk
  • Life Of The Law
  • The Soundtrack Series
  • You Must Remember This
  • Big Appetites
  • Top Score

Wednesday, Thursday

  • Egg nog being administered by IV drip


  • Wits
  • The Splendid Table
  • The Dinner Party Download

In addition to all that downloadable and/or streaming content, we’ll have thoughts on the year that was on the blog from Jess Walter, Dana Rossi, Lizzie Post, and other Infinite Guest hosts.

It’s going to be a blast, and we can’t wait to share it with you.  Thanks for listening.