S4TW: Doxing, Chuck Klosterman, and Measles

January 29, 2015

(Welcome to Something for the Weekend.  What follows is a list of some of our shows, some shows that aren’t our shows, and some links from around the Internet that we think you’ll enjoy.  Give them a listen/glance.  Thank you.)

THE INTERNET IS TERRIFYING: Life of the Law covers doxing and how one victim is fighting back.

THE WEATHER IS TERRIFYING: The major east coast storm from earlier this week, which we will not call Winter Storm Juno because Jesus come on, was still nothing compared to the Great Blizzard of 1888, as the Bowery Boys podcast notes.

MARSHAWN LYNCH IS TERRIFYING: A lot of words have been written about the bruising Seattle running back’s non-answers to reporters’ questions.  Here are Andrew Sharp’s.

THE PATRIOTS AREN’T TERRIFYING, BUT THEY ARE CHEATING.  KIND OF: John Moe welcomes author, New York Times ethicist, and KISS-in-the-’80s enthusiast Chuck Klosterman to Home Dunk for an explanation.

TOM BRADY IS NICE: Awesome Etiquette offers an etiquette salute to the Patriots quarterback.

OPEN MIKE’S NEW SINGLE: It’s called “Ziggy Starfish (Anti-Anxiety Raps),” and you can hear it at the conclusion of his Secret Skin interview with Busdriver.

OPEN MIKE’S OTHER NEW SINGLE: It’s called “Raps For When It’s Just You And The Abyss,” and here it is now.

NETWORK CROSSOVER ALERT: The Splendid Table‘s Lynne Rossetto Kasper appears on Big Appetites to give you an alternative to that jar of Ragu on a Wednesday night.

THE LAST DAYS OF CASEY KASEM: As Amy Wallace documents in GQ, they were incredibly bizarre and sad.

INTERNET RABBIT HOLE OF THE WEEK: A brave Internet user is trying to document every episode of MTV’s 120 Minutes, which will appeal to alternative music fans of a certain age.

STAR WARS EPISODE 4: The subject of this week’s You Must Remember This is Gene Tierney, who learned long before you were born the importance of getting a measles shot.

DEAN IS THE WORST: The Gilmore Guys podcast continues its episode-by-episode breakdown of Gilmore Girls with special guest Julieanne Smolinski, and they proceed to make fun of Rory’s floppy-haired boyfriend.

HIDEOUS CARPETS: Why are Las Vegas casino carpets so ugly?  Social engineering (or maybe not).