S4TW: Vowel Shifts, Bette Davis, and Mummy Defiling

January 9, 2015

(Welcome to the glorious return of Something for the Weekend from its holiday sabbatical.  Some Infinite Guest stuff, some not Infinite Guest stuff.  Thank you.)

‘ALLO, GUV-NAH: Mike Rugnetta’s Reasonably Sound examines how the differences in English and American accents came to be.  Diphthongs, printing presses, and the Great Vowel Shift are all name-checked.

IT’S A BLUE MONDAY FOR SUNKIST: The attempt to make a jingle out of New Order’s seminal post-punk-pop-disco-whatever-it’s-great “Blue Monday” is detailed here.

STAR WARS, KINDA: Karina Longworth kicks off a series about Hollywood during wartime (hence the name) with an episode about Bette Davis and the Hollywood Canteen for You Must Remember This.  There is also a sordidness tracker for each new installment.

THE VIRGIN OF MENACE: That’s the spooner-ific name of Jess Walter’s work in progress, written the night before this episode of A Tiny Sense Of Accomplishment.

BE THANKFUL FOR ELECTRICITY: Because, per Cracked.com, this is what people did for fun before it.

HE DID REMEMBER THE BOURBON, AT LEAST: On Awesome Etiquette, how to handle an uninvited guest.

BUT IS IT TASTEFUL: Vice Sports’ David Roth interviewed probably the world’s foremost author of Rob Gronkowski-based erotica.