The YMRT Sordidness Tracker, Episode 28

January 13, 2015

You Must Remember This often contains wild tales from Hollywood’s colorful past, so much so that it can become difficult to keep track of all the sordid details while you listen to it and pretend to be working, parenting, paying attention to the road, etc.  Now, there’s help.  As you listen to this episode about Carole Lombard and Clark Gable, this handy Sordidness Tracker will help you follow who was doing what to whom.

Marriages: At least five.

Car accidents: Two.

Experimental plastic surgeries: One.

Does Howard Hughes have sex: Yes.

Affairs: I stopped counting.  Names of note: Hughes, Preston Sturges, Joan Crawford, Loretta Young, Lana Turner.

Does Karina Longworth imitate Carole Lombard: Yes.

Is it better than her Dustin Hoffman impression: No.

Kicks in the nuts, real and/or metaphorical: One.

Slides into boozy uncast-ability: One (John Barrymore).

Slides into boozy cast-ability: One (Gable).

Starlets dying young/pretty: Two (Lombard, Jean Harlow).

Love children: One.

Nixed fake plane crashes: One.

Real plane crashes: One.

Hitlers: One (Adolf).

Also mentioned: Claudette Colbert, Nazis, crippling insecurity, Clark Gable’s fear of banks. That link, again.