The YMRT Sordidness Tracker, Episode 27

January 6, 2015

You Must Remember This often contains wild tales from Hollywood’s colorful past, so much so that it can become difficult to keep track of all the sordid details while you listen to it and pretend to be working, parenting, paying attention to the road, etc.  I’m here to help.  As you listen to this episode about Bette Davis and the Hollywood Canteen, I’ve built a handy cheat sheet to help you track who was doing what to whom.

Marriages: Four.

Divorces: Three.

Murky Widowings: One.

Affairs: Multiple.  Of note: William Wyler, Howard Hughes.

Does Karina Longworth imitate Bette Davis: Yes.

Is it better than her Dustin Hoffman impression: No.  Nothing will top that.

Deaths: Three.  One suicide, one strangulation, one The Black Dahlia.

Catfights, alleged: Two.

Integration via dancing as a communist plot: Yes.

The FBI running a covert operation to investigate integration via dancing as a communist plot: Yes.

Is the madonna-whore complex mentioned as regards Rita Hayworth: Yes.

Also mentioned: Nazis, fraternization between enlisted men and starlets, and John Ford’s uptight wife.  That link, again.