Midweek Roundup

February 18, 2015

Let’s say you had Monday off for Presidents Day.  Then Tuesday was spent making up for the time you spent doing whatever it was you did on Monday.  Probably watching TV.  The point being, you very well may have missed some of the fabulous content Infinite Guest put out there for you, the listener, on Monday and Tuesday.  Here’s the rundown:

  • Awesome Etiquette: Is it ever OK to snoop?  Lizzie and Dan field that question, along with some dinner napkin-as-Kleenex and Mardi Gras queries.
  • You Must Remember This: Karina goes long on the life of Lena Horne to great effect.  The Sordidness Tracker that usually runs with a new YMRT episode is taking a break this week, mostly because the only category would have been Incidents of Horrible, Institutional Racism in America.  That said, Humphrey Bogart was a decent guy who hated neighborhood bigots bearing petitions, and the audio clips of Horne talking about her experiences are fantastic.
  • The Soundtrack Series: Dana discusses the Grammys, the stupid Beyonce/Beck meme, and music of The Breakfast Club. (EXTRA CREDIT: If anyone can find the part in The Breakfast Club where Bender allegedly sings a bit of “Turning Japanese,” send the clip to Dana.  It is driving her nuts.)  Guest Isaac Butler talks about the special woman who introduced him to Smokey Robinson’s “Shop Around.”
  • Wits Extra: A retrospective of various Presidential appearances on the show.  Paul F. Tompkins as James K. Polk is required listening.

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