Most memorable commercials in Super Bowl history

February 2, 2015

1967 – Lucky Strike – President Lyndon Johnson smokes a cigarette and moans with joy about how good it tastes. Entire Packers and Chiefs teams join him in Oval Office and everyone smokes and moans. It was a different time.

1978 – Squids – Odd 60-second spot paid for by squids that somehow came into some money. In the brand-awareness spot, you see a group of squids performing a very crude choreographed dance.

1984 – American Beef Council – Clara “Where’s the Beef” Peller says her famous catch phrase then unhinges her jaw and regurgitates several dozen steaks. Dan Marino eats them all.

1988 – Fanta – Controversial ALL IS FANTA ad featured a bottle of orange soda, a pulsing strobe light, and a shrill frightening noise. Responsible for notorious Fanta Riders crime cult of 1988.

1991 – Snickers – After being sacked in practice, Joe Montana is revealed to be all Snickers on the inside. Teammates smile and then it’s a feeding frenzy. The real Joe walks onto the field, “Hey guys! What’s up?”

1994 – Doritos – New “Psychologicrunch” flavor introduced. Man sits on his couch watching TV, eating Doritos shaped like his feelings. Pan to the TV and he’s watching himself eating his feeling Doritos.

1999 – – Desperate employees of the internet start-up ask each other and then the home viewer what it is their startup does. Lord of the Flies mentality sets in by end of the ad.

2002 – Budweiser– A Clydesdale horse walks down a street, encounters an adorable Dalmatian puppy. Eats it. Washes it down with a cool Bud. Winks.

2005 – Oreo – The notorious “Oreo Has Your Mom” ad ran only once but was very effective. The cookie company kidnapped all moms in the country and would release them only if you bought Oreos. Sold a lot of Oreos.

2008 – Apple Computer – Steve Jobs simply stares at the camera for 58 seconds, then reaches through your screen somehow and hands you an actual apple.


Friends of Wits Doing Stuff

Keegan-Michael Key (@KeeganMKey) and Jordan Peele have a Super Bowl special airing on Friday. Does this mean a third installment of their East-West Bowl sketch? Yes.

Father John Misty (@fatherjohnmisty) is streaming his new album, I Love You, Honeybear, for free at his website. There is a noticeable catch to this, as you’ll notice once you press play.

Chuck Klosterman (@CKlosterman) appeared on John’s other show, Home Dunk, to talk about how the New England Patriots “kind of” cheat and consider the Super Bowl as a battle of the bands.

Paul F. Tompkins (@PFTompkins) is welcoming the wonderful Andy Daly to his No, You Shut Up! program. The two made a Vine to promote it. It is funny, as you would expect.

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