The YMRT Sordidness Tracker, Episode 34

February 24, 2015

You Must Remember This often contains wild tales from Hollywood’s colorful past, so much so that it can become difficult to keep track of all the sordid details while you listen to it and pretend to be working, parenting, paying attention to the road, etc.  Now, there’s help.  As you listen to Star Wars Episode VIII: How Norma Jeane Became Marilyn Monroe, this handy Sordidness Tracker will help you follow who was doing what to whom.

Flapper lifestyles, disputed: Two.

Absent fathers: One.

Bad things happening in foster homes: Yes.

Institutionalizations: One.

Quasi-prostitution as a means to just get by: Yes.

Tasteful nude photo sessions done to keep car from repossession: One.

Subsequent nude photo scandals: One.

Subsequent skillful manipulations of a journalist by Monroe: One.

High school dropouts who marry an older man: Two.

Affairs: Multiple.

Slut-shaming biographers: Multiple.

Does Karina Longworth imitate one of Marilyn Monroe’s foster mothers: Yes.

Does Karina Longworth imitate Marilyn Monroe: Yes.

Is it better than her Dustin Hoffman impression: No.  But it’s good.

Howard Hughes, havin’ sex: Howard Hughes does not have sex in this episode.

Is Catalina Island mentioned: Yes.

Is the Catalina Wine Mixer mentioned: It is not.

Horse-related debts: One.

Early adaptation of weight training: Yes.

Is sexual coercion in 1940s freelance photography mentioned: Yes.

Are “sweater pictures” mentioned: Yes.

Is Yank Magazine mentioned: Yes.

Just so we’re clear: Yank Magazine?  That’s what the magazine was called: Yes.  It was the most read periodical in United States military history.

And it was called Yank Magazine: It was called Yank Magazine.

Also mentioned: Ronald Reagan, the Rosie the Riveter paradox, and the perfectly named Emmeline Snively.