Episode #228: Jeff Ball

March 19, 2015 · 23:23

Jeff Ball seems to come from two different worlds. On one hand, he’s a successful video game musician and composer, with credits including Gears of War 3 and Mass Effect 3. On the other hand, he’s from a small town, can hold his own on a commercial fishing vessel, and finds inspiration in the solitude of Alaska. In other words, he defies any box you put him in.

Best known in the video game world for his skill on a violin, Jeff started his musical life on piano. At 4 years old, he was begging his mother for lessons. By high school, he was playing violin in the local symphony. Throughout his college and post-grad years, Jeff played with several symphonies throughout the Pacific Northwest before settling down in California.

But he never forgot his time in the north. In fact, his family still travels to Alaska every summer to go commercial salmon fishing. He says, “A lot of inspiration in my music came from just being in Alaska, because it’s so colorful… it’s so calming and humbling at the same time.”​

(Listen to Jeff’s most recent work at his site.)