S4TW: Bing Crosby DUIs, false confessions, and retired Beastie Boys

March 26, 2015

(Welcome to Something for the Weekend.  What follows is a list of some of our shows, some shows that aren’t our shows, and some links from around the Internet that we think you’ll enjoy.  Give them a listen/glance.  Thank you.)

ANATOMY OF A CONFESSION: A triple murder, a habitual liar on a stolen motorcycle, and a confession that simply didn’t add up.  If a true crime story like Serial or The Jinx is your thing, then this episode of Life of the Law is for you.

STAR WARS, EPISODE XII: The partnership/rivalry of Bing Crosby and Bob Hope is the focus of this week’s You Must Remember This.  Hotel DUIs and stunningly racist songs pave the road to The Sordidness Tracker.

I CHOOSE MUSTARD, MYSELF: The Kraft/Heinz merger has Jeb Lund worried about the imminent threat of … ketchup.

THIS WEEK IN TBTL: There is now an entire blog post dedicated to the goings-on in the TBTL multiverse.  Mostly to keep the talk of precious metals and stones in human waste quarantined to a safe space.

THIS WEEK IN THE FRAME: Justified (best show on television in the opinion of the person writing this) creator Graham Yost on the show’s imminent end, an examination of diversity in television casting, and an interview with While We’re Young director Noah Baumbach.

HE’D ALREADY RATHER BE BOWHUNTING: Baumbach wrote and directed 1995’s Kicking and Screaming, which is not a Will Ferrell vehicle about a youth soccer coach, but rather a very funny movie about post-collegiate malaise.

A BEASTIE BOY LOOKS AT 50: Adam Horowitz, 1/3 of the aforementioned hip-hop trio and co-star of While We’re Young, is the subject of an affecting profile in GQ.

SPORTSMANSHIP AND SUBWAY ETIQUETTE: The Posts explored both subjects on this week’s Awesome Etiquette.  (Spoiler alert: Don’t burn jerseys, be respectful of others’ personal spaces.)  Dan also did a brief Twitter history of NYC subway etiquette.

SOCK-BASED REHAB: On Home Dunk, Oakland A’s reliever Sean Doolittle talks with John Moe about recovering from injury via hosiery and needless apostrophes.

THE DEVIL’S ROPE: 99% Invisible‘s tale of manifest destiny, fences, farming, and the invention of barbed wire (“the devil’s rope”) is fascinating.

DRINKS WITH DESSA: Open Mike Eagle talks hip-hop, gender, race, karaoke, and No Doubt with Dessa (over two whiskeys) on the new Secret Skin.


TOP SCORE COMPOSER/GAME: Cris Velasco/Assassin’s Creed Unity: Dead Kings

ANYBODY WANT A PEANUT: Wrestler/movie star Andre the Giant had an interesting and much too short life.