Rudy the Dog Eats Luke's Face

S4TW: Wits, Florida Man, and Leonard Nimoy

March 6, 2015

(Welcome to Something for the Weekend.  What follows is a list of some of our shows, some shows that aren’t our shows, and some links from around the Internet that we think you’ll enjoy.  Give them a listen/glance.  Thank you.)

SPRING SEASON: Wits kicks off its spring season with Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet as a Sasquatch with an interest in marriage counseling and the music of Brandi Carlile.  It’s good to have Wits back.

THIS WEEK IN TBTL: In TBTL’s first week on Infinite Guest, our new daily show covered Wu-Tang Clan schisms and humans using Mount Everest as a toilet, plus welcomed its first Infinite Guest, um, guest, Rudy the Dog (pictured above), who is a good girl yes she is.

FLORIDA MAN: Grantland’s Holly Anderson talks to a Florida man, who has a typical Florida man story.

BRANDI, NEAT: If you have not heard Brandi Carlile’s cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” rectify that now.

MO’ MOE: On Home Dunk, John welcomes 18-year NBA veteran Jerry Stackhouse to talk basketball and punching Christian Laettner.

STAR WARS, EPISODE IX: Olivia de Havilland’s relationship with epic drinker/womanizer John Huston is the focus of You Must Remember This, with director Rian Johnson supplying the voice of Huston.  The Sordidness Tracker reminds you to watch Johnson’s Looper if you haven’t already.

EVEN COYOTES GET THE RULES: Animator/great American Chuck Jones’ precise directions for the Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote cartoons are now on display at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York.

SIX MONTHS ON: Sherman and Jess basically give A Tiny Sense Of Accomplishment a 6-month performance review.  Make sure you catch Jess’ farewell to his favorite “weird, weird” dog.

SPOCK, ROCK: On The Soundtrack Series, Dana salutes the musical endeavors of actor Leonard Nimoy, while C.D. Hermelin talks about his relationship with Weezer.

SHOCK ROCK: So, Kid Rock is one of the people who still thinks using “gay” as a pejorative is fine.  Dave Holmes asks him to please stop doing that, and to do something about his shirt.

LISTEN WHILE YOU WORK: Mike Rugnetta records his commute on Reasonably Sound, and ponders the nature of active listening, eavesdropping, and surveillance.

SHAME SPIRAL: Awesome Etiquette explores the issue of social media shaming, and gives a shout-out to Keanu Reeves.

HALL AND OATES AND … METALLICA: This mash-up of “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” and “Enter: Sandman” will prevent you from hearing either song the same way again.