This week in TBTL: ‘Baker Street,’ karaoke burnout, and cigarettes

April 3, 2015

A hand-crafted, shade-grown, beard-forward recap of the last week’s goings-on in the TBTL universe.  It will run every Friday morning, because I know none of you reads on the weekend.

(Last) FRIDAY: A good conversation on the car vs. bike dilemma is perhaps overshadowed by Andrew getting his slide whistle back.  Plus, friend of TBTL Phyllis calls in with a solution to the Wet Wipe struggle.

MONDAY: The wonderful “Baker Street” and the godforsaken “You Belong to the City” are both part of an appreciation of ’70s/’80s saxophone rock.  Plus: A very unapologetic heckler.

(Listen to this one all the way through.  Pour yourself a drink.  Some ice, but not too much ice.  Put on some suntan oil.  Breathe.  Live.)

(Hey, Don Johnson!  Also, Steve Nelson is correct that this episode was a little heavy on the Glenn Frey.  In that it had any Glenn Frey.)

TUESDAY: Luke experiences awkwardness at a major sandwich chain, the new Daily Show host stands guilty of lousy tweets, and karaoke burnout: Is it real?  Or something more … sinister?

WEDNESDAY: My mother was very pleased at the part of this episode where Luke and Andrew said nice things about me.  Others will enjoy it more for the discussion of getting that crucial Jon Cryer follow on Twitter (a popular microblogging platform) or the impossibility of getting a good wi-fi signal on Tristan de Cunha.

(Actor Jon Cryer, who is on Twitter.)

THURSDAY: Andrew just wants to smoke a cigarette in peace, but his landlord and what sounds an awful lot like an illegal daycare center have different ideas.  Plus, Luke samples Jay-Z’s new streaming music service, and a cameo from a fake Richard Sherman.


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Steve Nelson has been out the last two days.  I overheard him muttering something about “unfinished business” and how “Sammy Hagar is trash.”  I found this on his desk.  I don’t know what to tell you.

gary cherone was in van halen for one record just one

(Photo credit: Steve “Stu” Neuman)

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