This Week in TBTL: Michael Keaton and ‘American Pie’ as a unit of measurement

April 10, 2015

A hand-crafted, shade-grown, beard-forward recap of the last week’s goings-on in the TBTL universe.  It will run every Friday morning, because I know none of you reads on the weekend.

(Last) FRIDAY: Booze, game shows, and referring to one of America’s largest cities as “Hotlanta” are on tap, with special guest Phyllis Fletcher.

MONDAY: Grown men wetting themselves at Wrigley Field is not just an extremely niche fetish category anymore, as Luke and Andrew discover.  Also: Twin Peaks, Five Guys, and Michael Keaton’s contributions to the best Saturday Night Live episode in a dog’s age.

TUESDAY: Pondering the subtle, knowing humor of The Dukes of Hazzard, the moral implications of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Andrew’s continued campaign of cruelty to the young and vital, and the third “W” in BW3.  Plus, a game attempt by Andrew to get Luke to stop meat-shaming himself.

WEDNESDAY: Measuring beloved TBTL bits by how many “American Pie”s they last is becoming a fast favorite this week, and the latest installment of Andrew’s staggeringly passive-aggressive showdown with his landlord clocks in at roughly two “AP”s.  Plus: terrifying statues of comedy legends, and So You Want to Move to Port Townsend?

THURSDAY: Luke is trapped in a hot car with no Internet, so it’s basically Cujo 2: Less Rabies.  Unintentionally bad wardrobe decisions and dramatic Facebook departures are discussed, and The King of Queens is defended.


Steve Nelson is wearing a sport coat today.  He is shown here reaching into his “Stiflin’ Drawer,” where he stores his best practices for tamping down Luke and Andrew’s playful sense of wonder and joie de vivre.

you will be sorry for that el ropo bullshit

(Photo credit: Steve “Stu” Neuman)

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