S4TW: Haley Bonar, ripping off Star Wars, and ‘Pony’

May 14, 2015

(Welcome to Something for the Weekend.  What follows is a list of some of our shows, some shows that aren’t our shows, and some links from around the Internet that we think you’ll enjoy.  Give them a listen/glance.  Thank you.)

Lot of visual elements in this week’s recap.  Enjoy!

POETRY AND HALEY: A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment returns with an attempt to define poetry and the music and words of Haley Bonar, who previews two extremely good new songs.

FOR FURTHER EXPLORATION: Bonar has a lot of great music out there if you’re unfamiliar with the Rapid City, South Dakota, native.  Last year’s Last War, in particular, is a good ‘un:

AND YOU GET A CAR!  NO, WAIT A MINUTE: Comedian Christian Finnegan takes The Soundtrack Series stage to relay how Whitney Houston almost cost him a car on VH1’s Name That Video game show.

THIS IS NOT A TIM & ERIC SKETCH: This Star Wars-referencing Taylor Wines promotional video from 1978 has to be seen to be believed.

ROMAN MARS AND CLICKHOLE:  I’m almost always going to find something I like from these two sources, so I’m just giving them their own section.  Listen to Mars on the Winchester Mystery House, and read Clickhole’s oral history of Pixar.    

REMEMBERING CHRIS BURDEN: Both The Frame and  The Dinner Party Download offer stories on the late artist, who passed away at the age of 69.

urban lights burden

(Chris Burden’s Urban Light sculpture, located outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art)

WORKING WITH CHEVY CHASE AND BEING MISTAKEN FOR RON JEREMY: Community’s Danny Pudi describes the former and Har Mar Superstar addresses the latter on an all-new Wits.

THIS WEEK IN TBTL: The TBTL-a-thon kicks off with testimonials from Phyllis Fletcher, Luke’s mom, and Infinite Guest PD Steve Nelson, You, too, can get your own set of Luke and Andrew plush dolls by giving today.

dolls man

(Or you can get coffee mugs.)

RIDE IT, JUMP ON IT: Reasonably Sound’s Mike Rugnetta takes a road trip with Molly Templeton, and ponder Spotify, MTV2, N.W.A., and how we learn about “cool” music now.  Also, they play “Pony” a lot, as they should, because “Pony” is awesome.