TV shows set in Texas

May 27, 2015

Texas is a big place and the setting for many wonderful TV shows.

Dallas – nighttime soap about oil tycoon J.R. Ewing who gets shot in every episode.

Fort Worth – similar show but with less memorable characters.

Slacker Cowboys – Richard Linklater show about Old West gun fighters hanging around Austin and never quite getting around to shooting each other.

Still Driving – reality show presented in real time where someone attempts to drive across the state. Now in season 18, they’ve reached Odessa.

Friday Night Lamps – the story of nerdy kids who stay home on the nights of football games and just read.

San Antonio Spurs, Private Eyes – mystery show where the basketball team must solve a crime every week. The solution is usually reached through more passing.

What Fits In Texas? – host Matthew McConaughey uses a map to show how many other states, nations, and foods can fit inside the state. Tends to be a rambling program, goes on for hours.

On My Own! – Texas secedes from the United States, moves to the big city, and gets a job at a fashion magazine with a bunch of crazy co-workers.

We Have a Problem – each week, the city of Houston is given a problem – dating advice, legal matter, math problem – and must solve it together as a city.

The Yellow Rose of Texas – just a continuous shot of a single yellow rose in a vase. Spoiler alert: In season 4, it begins to rot. Top rated show on NBC.


Friends of Wits Doing Stuff

Bhi Bhiman (@BhiBhiman) made a Whiplash-parodying video for his new single, “Moving to Brussels.” You may notice special guest star Keegan-Michael Key (@KeeganMKey) in the J.K. Simmons role, but did you know that Bhiman and Key met each other at Wits? Now you do!

You can watch Father John Misty (@fatherjohnmisty) perform two songs off his excellent I Love You, Honeybear album on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and you can read his advice to the lovelorn in Time Out New York.

Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) put the first episode of his new show (titled, logically, The Jim Gaffigan Show) online for you to preview through the end of May. It makes its television debut on July 15.

Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) shared his own David Letterman story on Facebook, including a picture of the setlist for his only appearance on Late Night.

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