This Week in TBTL: The Emotional-Support Kangaroos of Southern Wisconsin

June 26, 2015

A hand-crafted, shade-grown, beard-forward recap of the last week’s goings-on in the TBTL universe.  It will run every Friday morning, because I know none of you reads on the weekend.

(Last) FRIDAY: The emotional-support kangaroos of southern Wisconsin are pondered, as is Brian Williams’ apology.

MONDAY:  The guys seethe with pride over Marc Maron booking President Barack Obama on his podcast, then review the not-quite-acclaimed Season 2 premiere of True Detective.

TUESDAY: Luke and Andrew break down the healthiest fast-food options on your next road trip.  (NOTE FROM STU: I am eating a Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast sandwich at a travel plaza in Lake Delton, Wisconsin, right now.  It’s alright, I guess.)  Plus, clips of Pete Rose on Donahue in 1985.  Live in Cincinnati!

WEDNESDAY: When doctors stop being polite and start getting real (defamatory), and “The Watcher” creeps Andrew out something fierce.  ALSO: Luke introduces his new character, former Seattle Mariners great Jay Buhner.


How does it compare to the original?  You make the call:

THURSDAY: Tales of Port Townsend, Washington, slave-owning ancestors of Hollywood stars, and a preview of tomorrow’s experimental show.  Plus, the visual of Elena Kagan with a T-shirt cannon.


Mary, the extremely nice person who helps handle your TBTL membership funds, took the Luke and Andrew doll prototypes on vacation with her.  What happens next will restore your faith in humankind.




What’s your name and where do you live?
Christina Mayer. Wenatchee, Washington.

What’s the most interesting thing about you?
Nothing — I am a spinster who is helping my sister raise her three boys she adopted. I grew up on Lake Chelan and have lived in Washington State my entire life.

What are you usually doing when you listen to TBTL?
I work as an office assistant, so I do a lot of data entry and have the podcart on in one earbud so I can still hear the phone and other people asking me questions. TBTL is always the first thing I listen to.

What’s your secret shame food?
Twinkies and Ruby Red Squirt. I feel guilty when I eat them but figure the preservatives in the Twinkies may help me live longer.

If you could make everyone in the world watch one movie, what would it be and why?
Sliding Doors. I think it is a great allegory for how one decision can change your path – but only for a while. You always end up just where you are supposed to be…

Who was your very first celebrity crush?
Optimus Prime….the voice and the innate goodness of him.. Oh that voice. I still get tummy butterflies when I hear a guy with a low, sexy voice.

What’s a special skill you have that you’re most proud of?
My brain is a trap for all useless trivia. I can remember the most inane and useless facts. I can’t remember anyone’s name for more than 10 minutes, but useless facts stick in my brain forever.

What’s the worst nickname you’ve ever had?
Tuna Sea. My high school nickname was Tina Sue, and people used to get it mixed up…then that became funny. :{

If you were driving down the street and you saw Luke and Andrew on the sidewalk, what would you yell at them as you drove passed?
I’m a TEN! If I said anything… I would probably just freak out and not say anything to them but come home and tell my sister all about>

What’s your favorite TBTL moment?
The inadvertent turkey gobble that Andrew played earlier this year … the silence on Luke’s end when he heard it and then Andrew’s flustered apology. I was cracking up.