This Week in TBTL: Gas station encounters, egg shortages, unnameable men with dumb hair

June 19, 2015

A hand-crafted, shade-grown, beard-forward recap of the last week’s goings-on in the TBTL universe.  It will run every Friday morning, because I know none of you reads on the weekend.

(Last) FRIDAY: Luke has a strange gas station encounter (not of the Penthouse Forum variety, ya pervs).  Plus, the remarkably odd story of Rachel Dolezal is discussed with Phyllis Fletcher, and a heartfelt farewell to Dusty Rhodes.  Hard times, brother.

MONDAY:  The first ten minutes is pretty much just Luke and Andrew playing drops, and is an all-expenses-paid trip to Giggle City, population: Us.  Also: Egg scarcity and how it won’t affect Susan Burbank, and Internet Family Feud with Air-Raid’s Aaron Roden.

TUESDAY: A man with dumb hair and worse ideas announces his Presidential candidacy, and there’s a lot of Rachel Dolezal talk.  Plus, the final installment of A Song of Ice and Spoilers for the season.  Hodor!

WEDNESDAY: “Skipgate” is addressed.  Plus, Luke wants to be a part of Stephen Curry’s adorable family, and Andrew wants a dog while he can still have one.  Tick, tick, tick.

THURSDAY: Luke checks in from Chicago’s hockey riots, as he and Andrew discuss poor jukebox decisions, weird, high-falutin’ reactions to Kim Kardashian being on NPR, and the splendid isolation of being alone in a hotel room.


As noted above (#skipgate), we’ve been having some technical glitches getting your imaginary radio program to your earholes.  We’re really sorry about that and hope we’ve got that bug ironed out.(Of course, we also had issues with our entire feed on Thursday, which is why Stu-bot drinks sometimes.)  Anyway, if there are continued issues with skipping or the show not appearing in your podcast provider of choice, let us know.  Thanks for your continued patience.  As a gesture of good faith, here are Luke and Andrew dolls solving a Rubik’s Cube.



What’s your name and where do you live?
Kelly Carson. Orlando, Florida.

What’s the most interesting thing about you?
Oh, jeez. Well, I have a very flexible thumb? And also, I can fly. Probably should have led with that second one.

What are you usually doing when you listen to TBTL?
Driving to work and back.

What’s your secret shame food?
Whoppers. Most people wouldn’t consider the quart-sized package a single serving. Those people aren’t trying hard enough.

If you could make everyone in the world watch one movie, what would it be and why?
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and In the Mood for Love. I want the world to be filled with melancholic romantics, apparently.

Who was your very first celebrity crush?
Jeff Goldblum. When he emerged after his alien “makeover” in Earth Girls Are Easy. Meow

We apologize for burying this photo so far down in the email.

What’s a special skill you have that you’re most proud of?
I can play the banjo poorly. And I can speak with many different accents poorly and (sometimes) offensively!

What’s the worst nickname you’ve ever had?
White Lightning. Don’t ask.

If you were driving down the street and you saw Luke and Andrew on the sidewalk, what would you yell at them as you drove passed?
This was awful! This whole thing was awful!! Or, How’s YOUR podcast? Most likely I would hyperventilate from excitement because what the hell are you two doing in Orlando? Neither of you seem to care for the Disney corporation.

What’s your favorite TBTL moment?
When Luke randomly called the “bad boy of quilting” to discus a bobcat sighting in Olympia (like one does). Alternately, any time Andrew says something slightly off-color. It makes me feel all tingly inside for some reason.