This Week in TBTL: Promposals and pecan sausage

June 4, 2015

A hand-crafted, shade-grown, beard-forward recap of the last week’s goings-on in the TBTL universe.  It will run every Friday morning, because I know none of you reads on the weekend.

(Last) FRIDAY: Phyllis Fletcher helps Luke and Andrew recap the previous evening’s Mariners “Tens” outing, along with Luke’s brief return to Facebook and questionable piercing strategies.  Also, this picture:

eat the mic

MONDAY:  Luke threatens to straight ruin some punks who sass Andrew, plus discussion of Cameron Crowe’s latest bomb.

TUESDAY: The worst promposal is discussed.

Also, an epic installment of Song of Ice and Spoilers, a frankly desperate plea for that Andy Richter Twitter follow, and Luke eats pecan sausage on mic:

pecan sausage sounds gross

WEDNESDAY: Andrew and special guest ME (THAT’S RIGHT, ME, NOW WHO’S AN UNDERACHIEVER, MR. REYNOLDS) do their best in Luke’s absence to discuss baseball meltdowns, Tom Petty, and the accrual of our many collective nicknames, including a new one for Andrew.

(Courtesy Chris Sigurdson)

THURSDAY: Luke and Andrew welcome comedian Andy Haynes to offer dating advice and check on who is winning the latter’s divorce.  ALSO: legally actionable loogies, Port Townsend boat races, Stephen Colbert talk, and a random collection of Hold Steady song titles.


hot rockin andy


What’s your name and where do you live?
Damian Chavez, Pittsburg, California.

What’s the most interesting thing about you?
For the past 4 years, I’ve tricked my oldest son into thinking my 4 cylinder Mazda is an actual race car like Lightning McQueen.

What are you usually doing when you listen to TBTL?
Driving a box truck, while I do my delivery route. 6 AM to 7 PM seven days a week.

What’s your secret shame food?
KFC cheese curds with the root beer float. “Can I get a large?”

Who was your very first celebrity crush?
Cassandra Peterson.

Cassandra Peterson as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

What’s a special skill you have that you’re most proud of?
Jim riggin’, as in “it just needs to work for a little longer, I get paid Friday.”

What’s the worst nickname you’ve ever had?
Baldcap. And that one’s from my wife.

If you were driving down the street and you saw Luke and Andrew on the sidewalk, what would you yell at them as you drove passed?
I love you guys in the State Farm commercials.

What’s your favorite TBTL moment?
The emergency podcast they made in the car right before the basement concert with Dan Savage. It was my very first podcast episode I heard from them, and I couldn’t believe that’s where it was happening. It really helped manage my expectations of the show.