Summer Not-Quite Blockbusters

July 1, 2015

Summer is well underway and you might have thought all the BIG summer movies are out already. Yeah, you’re probably right. But there are some other movies coming out anyway.

JURASSIC PARKING LOT –- While all the dinosaurs get out of control, a crew of parking attendants try to make sure no cars get scratched up. Jonathan Silverman stars.

TOMORROW IS NEVER LOVE FOR SILVER TO KILL –- A James Bond movie where the characters spend the whole time trying to decipher the title.

INSIDE OUT (GERMAN EDITION) –- Emotions like Weltschmerz, Schadenfreude, and Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung battle it out inside the mind of a very complex child.

SOMEWHAT EMOTIONALLY OFF-KILTER MAX –- Not nearly as crazy as Mad Max. Just kind of off somehow. David Schwimmer stars.

GEORGE CLOONEY GETS PAID –- Clooney hangs out, smirks a little, says something funny a few times, looks great. Then we see him go to the studio and pick up his check.

JAWS: 40 YEARS LATER –- A documentary about the people who are still scared to go swimming four decades after Jaws came out. One finally tries and gets eaten by a cheesy mechanical shark.

SANDWICH TIME 2: ANOTHER SANDWICH –- Wits guest Paul Scheer stars again as a guy sent to get sandwiches for Dabney Coleman. Coleman is played by David Schwimmer.

JAKE GYLLENHAAL AND OATES –- This one… you just don’t want to know about this one.

See you at the movies! But probably not these ones!


Friends of Wits Doing Stuff

Marc Maron (@marcmaron) has officially set the bar for everyone else who hosts a podcast in their garage, as President Barack Obama was a recent guest.

Rhett Miller (@rhettmiller) has released a video for his “Most in the Summertime” single. Yes, that is Dave Hill (@mrdavehill) as a strip club patron.

NPR went behind the scenes for the making of Jason Isbell (@jasonisbell)‘s “24 Frames.” His new album comes out July 17.

They Might Be Giants (@tmbg) covered Destiny’s Child for the AV Club. Really don’t think anything else needs to be said to get you to click.

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