Bluetooth Blues

March 8, 2016

Lizzie and Dan will be recording a new episode of Awesome Etiquette on Wednesday night, and they’d like your feedback on this dilemma over “passing the aux cord” at a party.  Read and respond!


I often host informal parties, or maybe even semi-formal (costumes count as semi-formal, right?) parties. I spend a lot of time crafting playlists for my parties, as do most people, I think.

My question is about the use of a Bluetooth speaker or other home audio device. I often find that, once a party gets going, guests sometimes want to hear a certain song or artist. I am usually happy to accommodate, but I find that once requests start being taken, it becomes a free-for-all, or the person who connects to the Bluetooth device ends up DJ-ing all night.

Is there a polite way to refuse music requests? As I said, I often craft a playlist to fit the mood I hope to set for the party. I’m not opposed to playing a song or two that my guests may really want to hear.

How do I keep my music on point without offending guests that have requests?


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