Episode #2493: No Excuses, Just Apologies

October 19, 2017 · Duration: 1:19:30 · Play

Luke and Andrew try to win over a new listener they just met on Twitter.  It’s not going well. Plus, Luke’s been stalking reality show contestants, Matthew McConaughey’s Power Stance raises some interesting questions about scientific research, and the CIA does social media.

Episode #2492: The Quizzer Becomes The Quizzie

October 18, 2017 · Duration: 1:19:01 · Play

The Great Darkness continues in Bellingham, Washington, where the Bay Kitty is searching for higher ground to escape to. Luke and Andrew also pay tribute to the Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie, who passed away last night. And a very unusual event on Jeopardy! yesterday lands Andrew in the hot seat. 

Episode #2491: This Is Not A Cow-Wrangling Situation

October 17, 2017 · Duration: 1:38:03 · Play

Luke and his boat survive a major storm at Burbank Springs, despite all of Luke’s efforts to electrocute himself. Also, when a cow gets loose in Brooklyn, it tests the local media’s ability to stay with the story. And Andrew is struggling  not to let another petty grievance ruin his Trucktober.

Episode #17: Esther Perel Live at Now Hear This Festival

· Duration: 50:58 · Play

If you are or ever plan to be in a relationship, you need to know Esther Perel, The Patron Saint of Relationships. Known for her TED Talks, her brilliant book, Mating in Captivity, and her captivating podcast, Where Should We Begin?, Esther believes that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. Your life […]

Episode #2490: Hampy Dumptover

October 16, 2017 · Duration: 1:43:30 · Play

An airline that got bad press for freaking out its passengers mid-flight just did it again. Luke and Andrew discuss this and Andrew’s increasing fear of flying. Plus, Luke’s takes off his clothes in a parking garage, and no one even bothered to notice. And Seattle’s last umbrella shop is closing.

John Green Falls Victim to Some Bad Fiction While Writing His New Book

· Duration: 56:39 · Play

Author John Green had one of the best-selling books of the last 10 years with The Fault In Our Stars. The problem is, when you write an acclaimed smash hit, everyone wants you to somehow do it again. In attempting to write that follow-up, Green went off the meds he’d been taking for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, […]

Episode #2489: A Poochie In A World Full Of Flanders

October 13, 2017 · Duration: 1:03:11 · Play

Luke did something super cool yesterday, and now he thinks he’s super cool. Plus, listeners weigh-in with follow-ups about creepin’ on airplanes and bribing front desk clerks. And because it’s Friday, we have some Music For Your Weekend!

Episode #2488: Petty Power Trips Of Pugnacious People

October 12, 2017 · Duration: 1:01:18 · Play

Luke encounters a TSA agent with a ‘tude, and the whole story gets Andrew’s blood up. They also call Luke’s mom, Susie, to ask her why she joined the TBTL Facebook group and if this means she’s started listening to the podcast. And a huge brawl breaks out at an American Legion post very close to TBTL’s heart.

Episode #2487: The Rough And Rowdy Comedians Of Yesteryear

October 11, 2017 · Duration: 58:55 · Play

Luke and Andrew discuss tissue box design, the unusual reason Luke’s teachers hated him, why Andrew would trade 100 Mel Brooks for one Norman Lear, and whether TBTL needs to sue W. Kamau Bell. Plus, TOP STORIES: A Chinese city government cooks up the worst prank ever, and astronaut Scott Kelly learns something very interesting about a colleague’s brush with space death.

Episode #2486: Herkimer, The Kissing Bandit

October 10, 2017 · Duration: 1:27:56 · Play

Luke and Andrew add up all the hours and minutes they’ve spent waiting for various beats to drop and wonder what they’ve done with their lives. Plus, the newest Jeopary! star might be getting under Alex Trebek’s skin. And Andrew tests Luke’s Jeopardy! acumen. 

Episode #16: Forever Alone? (Part 2)

· Duration: 39:36 · Play

In our last episode, we met chronically single Chelsea, who was looking for love in all the same places we all look for love… and coming up empty-handed. Now, we meet Chelsea’s new boyfriend (!!!!) and explore what happens when the love we find isn’t what we expected.

Episode #2485: A Five-Apple Room For Three-and-a-Half Apples

October 9, 2017 · Duration: 1:59:51 · Play

Luke and Andrew dig into an expose on what never to order at your favorite chain restaurant. Also, a McDonald’s sauce-related promotion causes chaos across the country. And Luke tries to help Andrew make sense of an ugly, ugly Browns world in this week’s No Point Conversion. 

Neal Brennan Gives Ketamine and Magnetic Impulses a Try

· Duration: 50:47 · Play

If you’ve enjoyed any comedy in the last 20 years, there’s a good chance Neal Brennan helped make it. He’s a veteran comic, writer, director, and co-creator, with Dave Chappelle, of the acclaimed Chappelle’s Show. Over the past 20-plus years, he’s also tried everything he could think of to tame his depression. Hear Neal’s epic […]

Episode #2484: Hammy Down! Hammy Down!

October 6, 2017 · Duration: 1:21:11 · Play

Luke makes a new friend at a chain restaurant bar. Andrew defends one of the most maligned pop songs of the ’80s. And they discuss a controversial piece of advice offered to new podcasters. Plus, it’s a Friday, so you know we have some Music For Your Weekend.

Episode #2483: Schrödinger’s Browns

October 5, 2017 · Duration: 1:16:26 · Play

Luke, back from his star-studded visit to Portland, is dropping names like Kenny Britt drops footballs. He and Andrew discuss a new Wu-Tang mystery, proper mic-handling skills, and why Steve Earl had to tell Luke to stop touching him.

Episode #2482: Nobody Said That

October 4, 2017 · Duration: 58:31 · Play

It’s a TBTL Morning Zoo as Luke and Andrew drag themselves out of bed to discuss their stress dreams, trailers for polar-themed animated movies, and the UK Prime Minister’s awkward press conference. 

Episode #2481: The Wreck Of The Corsairs Of Umbar

October 3, 2017 · Duration: 1:47:36 · Play

Luke and Andrew usher in Trucktober with an appreciation of Tom Petty’s life and career. They also dive into an incredible story about an SNL star’s struggle with life and losing a role. Plus, Andrew falls for #fakenews, but Luke isn’t feeling punitive.

Episode #15: Forever Alone? (Part 1)

· Duration: 35:59 · Play

As the saying goes, “There’s a lid for every pot.” There’s someone for everyone. Chelsea has been looking for her lid — her someone — since high school. Nearly 15 years after her only real relationship ended, she still hasn’t found her person. It’s not like she hasn’t been trying, and it’s not like her […]

Episode #2480: Papyrus Was A Rolling Stone

October 2, 2017 · Duration: 1:48:22 · Play

David Burbank swings by Burbank Springs to talk to the boys about proper font choices, why he’s reading The Lord Of The Rings for the seventh time, and whether it’s okay to throw your dog poop in someone else’s trashcan. And they break down the Seahawks and Browns games in this week’s No Point Conversion.

Margaret Cho Works Out A Lot And Makes People Upset In New Jersey

· Duration: 41:18 · Play

She’s one of the most influential and innovative comedians of the last few decades, but before all that, Margaret Cho was a Korean-American girl growing up in the 1970s in San Francisco. We hear about the sometimes very darkly humorous ways her family and culture dealt with depression and suicide, and how she harnessed her […]

Episode #2479: The Burp King Of Valley City, Ohio

September 29, 2017 · Duration: 1:22:40 · Play

Luke and Andrew admit to some pretty shady behavior on airplanes. They also discuss a list of the top 71 famous graduates from Luke’s college…and whether he made the cut. And it’s Friday, so we have some Music For Your Weekend.

Episode #2478: SaberMetric Shenanigans

September 28, 2017 · Duration: 1:18:53 · Play

Luke has a new exercise regime he wants to test out on-air. Andrew has some opinions about his friends’ Facebook posts. And they discuss Velcro’s new attempt to get people to *stop* saying “Velcro”.

Episode #2477: Buddy Can You Spare A Secret Show?

September 27, 2017 · Duration: 55:52 · Play

Luke and Andrew have a secret to share, but they don’t know if they should. And they dissect one listener’s list of least-favorite songs.

Episode #2476: Uncle Chuck Harbinger And The Case Of The Tursk Rurbbert

September 26, 2017 · Duration: 56:37 · Play

Luke swings by the studios of Walsh, Walsh & Doormat to start eating the lunch his wife packed for him (even though it’s only 10am.) He and Andrew also discuss the latest scandal to hit a mediocre prime-time network television show. And: How Not To Hire A Handyman In Pittsburgh.

Episode #2475: A Case Of The Sundays

September 25, 2017 · Duration: 2:19:46 · Play

Luke’s wife, Carey, joins the show to set the record straight on some things. Luke and Andrew also discuss the harrowing story of a college student who found himself trapped in a cave for 3 days. And in this week’s No Point Conversion, they discuss the Seahawks loss this weekend and how players responded to the President’s demands to stand during the national anthem.