Episode #2533: Hyperbolic Space Junk

December 14, 2017 · Duration: 1:15:10 · Play

Luke and Andrew wonder if we’re being watched by aliens, and they talk about their strategies for using Google maps to lower their personal anxieties. Oh, and Luke had a situation at the airport. Must be a Thursday

Episode #2532: Dr. Howdakiss

December 13, 2017 · Duration: 1:21:41 · Play

There’s a passive aggressive war going on among the Burbank pets, and a different passive aggressive war going on right outside Andrew’s window. Plus, a group of Gawker writers are trying to raise money to buy their publication back, and the internet ruins a good short story published by The New Yorker. 

Episode #2531: Not All Heroes Have Itasca

December 12, 2017 · Duration: 1:08:39 · Play

Luke received an email today that he thinks is pretty annoying. He needs a ruling though, so Andrew breaks out his “judge’s hammer” in a segment we’re calling “Is This Annoying?” Plus, a listener gets hornswaggled at the deli and needs to vent.

Episode #24: Incompatible With Life

· Duration: 35:43 · Play

At 32 weeks pregnant, Cat and Jim find themselves planning for their son’s death while hoping for his birth. This is a story of a life and a death, extraordinary in every way.

Episode #2530: The Stanford Browns Experiment

December 11, 2017 · Duration: 2:04:42 · Play

The official color of 2018 has been announced, and Luke doesn’t like it. But Andrew does. They also discuss a fancy dinner that would be Andrew’s nightmare, and Carey joins the boys to discuss this weekend’s disappointing football games (and Luke’s stretchy-pants) in this week’s installment of No Point Conversion.

Jenny Lawson is Very Fond of Creepy Smiling Dead Animals and Worries Quite a Bit

· Duration: 50:50 · Play

She’s the author of bestselling books and an incredibly popular blog, but Jenny Lawson showed up to our interview wondering, at least a little, if her appearance on this show and her whole career, really, was part of some delusion. It’s not. She’s the real thing: an incredibly funny and honest writer with a legion […]

Episode #2529: Blue Collar Cosplay

December 8, 2017 · Duration: 1:06:40 · Play

Luke rolls into Walsh Walsh & Doormat hepped up on too much coffee looking to discuss Viral Bros, The Human Blanket, and Mickey Avalon’s Complicated Take On Gender Issues.

Episode #2528: Horses Are The Poor Man’s Rocketship

December 7, 2017 · Duration: 1:30:27 · Play

Luke and Andrew discuss examples of “The Mandela Effect”, where many people all seem to remember cultural events incorrectly, which leads to a conversation about why the Berenstain Bears used to wig Luke out. Plus, Andrew stumbles on a family mystery regarding his old skateboard, and Wendy’s (the fast food chain) experiments with film criticism.

Episode #2527: North Of Chrome River, South Of Firmware

December 6, 2017 · Duration: 1:19:07 · Play

Luke and Andrew discuss some Skyjinx (woo!) after an airplane with broken toilets had to make an emergency landing in Montana. Luke wonders if the passengers could have just toughed it out. They also talk about expense reports, firmware updates, and cities that begin with the letter A. 

Episode #2526: Pouring Gasoline On The Hilarity Fire

December 5, 2017 · Duration: 1:28:24 · Play

Luke and Andrew return to basics with a 90 minute episode covering Luke’s love/hate relationship with Alex Trebek, forgotten passwords, and why you shouldn’t mix up the words “cathartic” and “catatonic”. Plus, two stories of implosions gone wrong, and an accidental conversation about threats to journalism.

Episode #23: Live with Dessa, Alyssa Limperis and Geoffrey Wilson

· Duration: 52:16 · Play

TTFA is live from the historic Fitzgerald Theater in downtown St. Paul, MN! Featuring conversation with writer/rapper/entrepreneur Dessa, who took to science to overcome a bad love. And with comedian Alyssa Limperis, whose father died of glioblastoma. So funny! Plus, music from the amazing composer of our theme song, Geoffrey Wilson.

Episode #2525: More Is Less

December 4, 2017 · Duration: 3:00:41 · Play

Luke and Andrew make TBTL history with the longest episode ever. They get more than a little help from David “The Last Burbank” Burbank and Rudy the Rude Dog. Topics include: An auto-correct mistake that has Luke worried about an email he sent to his boss, a rigorous debate about the movie “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and — of course — the Seahawks dominant win in Sunday Night Football. 

The Holiday Coping Mechanism Spectacular

· Duration: 1:00:35 · Play

We’ve gathered up a whole lot of tips, tricks, ideas, and stories to help you get through this time of year when merriness and jolliness aren’t always in abundant supply. Hear holiday thoughts from Wil Wheaton, Margaret Cho, Jenny Lawson, John Green, Aimee Mann, and more. Plus, a story about a slobbering zebra.

Episode #2524: P Is For Vendetta

December 1, 2017 · Duration: 1:30:05 · Play

Luke wants people to stop booing him on stage, but he doesn’t know what to do about it, and Andrew is ZERO HELP. They also discuss another case of a mystery “Mad Pooper” who’s terrorizing Orchard Park, NY. Budweiser is working with the International Space Station so someday we can drink beer on Mars. And it’s Friday, so we have some Music For Your Weekend!

Episode #2523: The Bronos Quartet

November 30, 2017 · Duration: 1:11:14 · Play

Luke and Andrew learn about a “picky eating” disorder that makes Andrew’s issues with food seem almost normal. Meanwhile, Luke is trying to start a fight with the Kronos Quartet for some reason.

Episode #2522: Co-Bros, Co-Broing It Up

November 29, 2017 · Duration: 1:28:23 · Play

Luke and Andrew talk about the firing of Garrison Keillor and about other recent allegations against men abusing their power. It’s an usually serious conversation for TBTL, but it’s not all bad news: Luke’s also got a gross new food he wants to tell you about, and Andrew is trying to create an alliance with one of his neighbors. 

Episode #2521: Weird But Not Unprecedented

November 28, 2017 · Duration: 1:34:07 · Play

Luke discovers that he’s been playing Monopoly wrong his entire life, and that you might be, too. Andrew is dealing with some in-app-purchase regret. And we hear from a listener who was the victim of an unlocked bathroom door. 

Episode #22: Happy(ish) Holidays II

· Duration: 52:31 · Play

Lauren’s brother died at Thanksgiving. And her mother at Christmas. So… this time of year it’s not all Ho Ho Ho for her. Or for a lot of other people. Because the Holidays can really and truly suck for some. So we’re back with our second annual Holiday radio extravaganza that will once again bedazzle […]

Episode #2520: Actual Brothers

November 27, 2017 · Duration: 2:06:35 · Play

Andrew’s almost-perfect Thanksgiving was tarnished by a cat emergency that remains somewhat mysterious. Luke has an aggressive new plan to lose weight fast! And David Burbank (AKA “The Last Burbank”, AKA “Luke’s Real Brother”) joins them to talk Seahawks, Browns and the Apple Cup in this week’s No Point Conversion.

Ana Marie Cox Is Not Really Edited Much At All

· Duration: 1:22:23 · Play

You know those things that happened but that you don’t talk about very much? Or even at all? Because they’re too upsetting? In this episode, host John Moe and guest Ana Marie Cox put those things on the table. Ana is a journalist, pundit, and podcaster; she talks about the lowest point in her mental […]

Episode #2519: Still Just A Gleam On My Scalp

November 24, 2017 · Duration: 1:34:57 · Play

Luke and Andrew – with a little help from the officially unofficial TBTL archivist – trace back the origins of Luke’s laser baldness helmet.

Episode #2518: Cooking With Sean: Thanksgiving Edition

November 23, 2017 · Duration: 49:18 · Play

Japan’s #1 Mixer Sean DeTore swings by the kitchens of Walsh, Walsh and Doormat to help the gang create a very questionable Thanksgiving dish and to share stories of their biggest culinary disasters.

Episode #2517: A Blur Of Turtles

November 22, 2017 · Duration: 1:15:28 · Play

Luke and Andrew dive deep into the sewers to review the 1990 film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Today’s episode is part of our annual #PODCRAWL with our friends at Read It And Weep and The Flop House podcasts.

Episode #2516: Clean Boys Unite!

November 21, 2017 · Duration: 2:17:31 · Play

Andrew is dealing with some pre-Thanksgiving anxiety, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have advice for you regarding paper towels. He and Luke also compare notes on obsessive cleaning, unisex bathroom experiences, and why the pizza guy won’t put black olives on Luke’s dang pizza! Plus, David “The Last Burbank” Burbank joins the show to discuss the Seahawk’s frustrating defeat in No Point Conversion.

Episode #21: Introducing Childhood

· Duration: 28:58 · Play

Malena is 10 years old, and she worries a lot. About her grades. About her procrastination. About her dad. Especially about her dad. Kids are the best. They’re smart and funny and deeply empathetic. And they – and their thoughts and feelings – deserve to be taken seriously. Why are we saying this? Because we […]