Episode #2733: Less Shame

September 21, 2018 · Duration: 1:32:42 · Play

Andrew regrets his opening joke and Luke decides to play voicemail message his agent left him that literally starts with the words “this is off the record”… so you can imagine how that ends. Also, way more about the performer “Afroman” than you were expecting, and Andrew gets a do-over on his joke at the end of the show – with mixed results.

Episode #2732: Recovering the Sadellites

September 20, 2018 · Duration: 1:19:15 · Play

Luke helps Andrew prepare for the Browns football party he’s throwing tonight. They argue about bean dip. Plus, Maroon 5 is tapped to perform at the Super Bowl, and people are NOT happy about it. 

Episode #2731: “A Nude Horse Is A Rude Horse”

September 19, 2018 · Duration: 1:41:54 · Play

A video of two guys from Boston is burning up the internet, and it’s very relevant to our TBTL interests.

Episode #2730: Let Go And Let Loosey

September 18, 2018 · Duration: 2:20:14 · Play

A report claims that people are getting divorced because of the video game Fortnite. Andrew decides to put his own relationship to a test by downloading the game. Plus, Luke finds out what people think of his job as a podcaster after seeing him in action. And it’s a special Tuesday edition of No Point Conversion!

Episode #48: What Do You Say About Suicide? (Part 1)

· Duration: 45:51 · Play

You know what people hate talking about? Dreams. Politics. Religion. Your birth story. Also: suicide. Which is why we asked you to talk about it for us. For resources on suicide and mental health, nami.org has a wealth of great mental health resources. Text NAMI to 741741 for immediate support. You can catch up with […]

Episode #2729: Large Adult Dinguses

September 17, 2018 · Duration: 1:35:53 · Play

Luke tried a new approach to public speaking this weekend, and it may change everything he does from this point forward. Meanwhile, the mysterious sound of children singing late into the night has an English village very creeped-out.

Your Amazing Therapeutic Jukebox

· Duration: 52:28 · Play

We asked you, our listeners, for the songs that help you most when depression is really acting up, and the stories behind those picks. On this episode hear stories about and music from Leonard Cohen, Bjork, Neil Young, Radiohead and so much more. We even get some peaks behind the songs from Craig Finn of […]

Episode #2728: Zoopty Doo, Look How Drugged Out Our Muppets Are!

September 14, 2018 · Duration: 1:02:40 · Play

Despite some interesting logistical hurdles, Luke, Andrew and David From The Basement get together to reveal this year’s TBTL Song of the Summer! Plus, Luke and David dissect the latest developments on Bachelor in Paradise.

Episode #2727: How Do You Say Hello To A Rutabaga?

September 13, 2018 · Duration: 1:16:03 · Play

Luke and Andrew talk about old school vacuums and CNN’s dubious list of advice for staying trim during football season.

Episode #2726: The Mystery Of The Millionaire Pastoralist

September 12, 2018 · Duration: 1:06:17 · Play

Luke vigorously defends celery against the legions of celery haters out there. He also has an update on the giant lobster that was facing destruction in Australia. And a listener shares a scary story about an airplane trip over the Great Lakes. 

Episode #2725: The Opposite Of E

September 11, 2018 · Duration: 1:18:47 · Play

Luke and Andrew discover an amazing new product called “water bottles.” They spread the word on that, and they discuss the world’s most unexpected flag football success  story. 

Episode #47: Nathan

· Duration: 53:44 · Play

Nathan grew up knowing he was different. And what scared him more than who he is, was the idea that who he is was at odds with God, and his family, and the world he belonged to. thetrevorproject.org provides crises intervention for LGBTQ+ youth. Text TREVOR to 1.202.304.1200 for support. You can catch up with […]

Episode #2724: Cautiously Pessimistic

September 10, 2018 · Duration: 2:16:15 · Play

Luke and Carey found themselves in another scary boating adventure this weekend – and this one even made the news. Carey joins the show to talk about that. Plus, Luke and Andrew discuss people who got Domino’s tattoos in exchange for free pizza. And No Point Conversion returns with a recap of the Seahawks’ and Browns’ opening games. 

Mortified’s Dave Nadelberg Presents Your Shame Live On Stage

· Duration: 40:36 · Play

You can think of Dave Nadelberg’s vast Mortified project as The Hilarious World of Embarrassment, Awkwardness, and Redemption. Through stage presentations, film, TV, and books, Dave invites people to share their most mortifying writing. It’s very funny, sure, but it’s more than that. Dave says the process of dragging your younger self out of that […]

Episode #2723: Dial “M” For Arborist

September 7, 2018 · Duration: 1:12:12 · Play

Luke is in a great mood, and it’s 100% tree-related. He and Andrew also discuss Paul McCartney, The Noid, and why a Cleveland radio personality had to eat something very, very gross. Plus, it’s Friday, so we have some Music For Your Weekend!

Episode #2722: Give Me The Cleve Deets

September 6, 2018 · Duration: 1:51:35 · Play

The Australian minister who got Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in trouble is now in his own hot water. Luke and Andrew discuss this, and they worry about things they’ve said to strangers. 

Episode #2721: A Moment Of Personal Excitement

September 5, 2018 · Duration: 1:25:59 · Play

Andrew is trying to figure out if he has air conditioning in his apartment, which doesn’t seem like that hard of a puzzle to solve. He and Luke also discuss a new Twitter bug and their favorite (non-Browns-related) airplane music. 

Episode #2720: Luke Van Winkle

September 4, 2018 · Duration: 1:20:49 · Play

Luke and Andrew discuss when it’s okay to use your earbuds to avoid talking to people. And it turns out the grossest place in an airport is not the bathroom, according to science. 

Episode #46: Two Letters

· Duration: 49:52 · Play

Annie’s husband Jim died by suicide. After his death, she got into a bad space of her own. Then came the letters. You can catch up with TTFA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using @ttfapodcast. Check out our sponsors this week: Talkspace – talkspace.com/ttfa Blue Apron – blueapron.com/thanks Casper – casper.com/asking

Open Mike Eagle Goes Outside And Meets People

· Duration: 50:20 · Play

A lot of rappers are heavily influenced by the rough and real streets where they grew up. Mike Eagle grew up on those streets too but he was always inside, reading books and watching TV. He loved comedy, cartoons, and especially the wide range of music available on cable, everything from N.W.A to Spin Doctors. […]

Episode #2719: Draft Dodging On Labor Day

September 3, 2018 · Duration: 59:46 · Play

Luke and Andrew come up with some very bad ideas for today’s special Labor Day show, but thankfully, they abandon them. Instead, they decide to answer a listener’s Back-To-School question.

Episode #2718: Slibel And Lander, Attorneys At Law

August 31, 2018 · Duration: 1:08:33 · Play

The questionable fate of a giant lobster statue lead Luke an Andrew on and exploration of Australia’s Big Things. Plus, Kiki Lolo swings by to reveal the two finalists of the Song of the Summer contest!

Episode #2717: Ol’ Frosty Walt

August 30, 2018 · Duration: 1:16:38 · Play

Andrew gets a peep of some of the signs that Luke’s dad has painted over the years, and he is impressed! Plus, the Chinese government may be the perpetrators of the biggest art heist you can imagine. And, tickets for the TBTL Mariners night go on sale!

Episode #2716: Monster Truck Dysmorphia

August 29, 2018 · Duration: 1:10:10 · Play

Andrew finally gets to watch the video of Luke driving Grave Digger, and he has some opinions! Also, Andrew takes a deep dive into the archives of his favorite podcast and is a little surprised by what he finds.

Episode #2715: Two Brogs, Broging It up!

August 28, 2018 · Duration: 1:24:39 · Play

Luke and Andrew earn their “Old Man Yells At Cloud” cards as they discuss distracted drivers, fake tweets, and pre-season football games.