Episode #2819: Five Easy Craisins

January 21, 2019 · Duration: 52:13 · Play

Luke has a new way of meditating that involves fruit, and Andrew has a new way of looking at trees, thanks to APM’s new poetry podcast. They also discuss bottled water circa 1993, and they try to untangle their feelings about Malcolm Gladwell.

41: Sweeping the States

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Sweeping the States by Jacob Saenz they move in swift on the Swift Plants in six states & sift through the faces to separate the dark from the light like meat & seat them in the back of vans packed tight like the product they pack & who’s to pick up the slack the black […]

Episode #2818: From Dusk Till Yawn

January 18, 2019 · Duration: 1:14:40 · Play

Luke’s adventures in Atlanta continue as he spends the night in a Waffle House full of tuxedoed Republicans. He and Andrew also discuss the story of a large English family that wreaked absolute havoc on New Zealand.

40: Kettling

· Duration: 5:00 · Play

Kettling by January Gill O’Neil The low winter sun made driving difficult. To look down the black asphalt blurred my eyes. So for a few moments I looked away, studying the rock ridges and cliffs carved out of cragged earth, the marshy fields of phragmites their silken heads standing swordlike in the steady wind. Above, […]

Episode #2817: It’s Jelly O’Clock Somewhere!

January 17, 2019 · Duration: 1:27:01 · Play

Luke checks-in from Atlanta, where he is now officially a Waffle House team member! He tells Andrew about his experience working as a short-order cook, and they finally discuss the lawsuit against Netflix over “Bandersnatch.”

39: Walking Home


Walking Home by Jay Udall I walked as if I went alone a world unto myself, a globe balanced on two strange sticks, but with each step the steady- seeming earth held my dreaming weight and carried me along. With each unmindful breath air came to greet my grateful lungs and fed the blood that […]

Episode #2816: More Like “Borndersnortch”

January 16, 2019 · Duration: 1:11:15 · Play

Luke swings by the studios of Walsh, Walsh & Doormat to help Andrew with some Twitter-related issues. Plus, Andrew shares a (pre-approved) dream that may end up changing his career trajectory. They never get to Top Stories, but they do share some great TV Guide #content.

38: Ode to the Pager

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Ode to the Pager by Marcus Jackson Your earliest versions beeped like microwaves or retreating trucks or hospital monitors. When cell phones cost more than mortgages, you clipped to our belt loops, our pocket lips, our bookbag straps. Fueled on Energizer alkaline, your skinny screen delivered numbers of souls hankering for a word with us. […]

Episode #2815: Organizing Principals

January 15, 2019 · Duration: 1:16:44 · Play

Luke’s feelings on Marie Kondo’s approach to organizing is evolving…leading him to de-clutter a crawl space in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, Andrew has plenty of regrets over stuff that he’s eliminated from his life. And they both weigh-in on the president’s fast-food feast prepared for visiting athletes. (Why so much Filet-O-Fish?)

37: To My Twenty-Four-Year-Old Self


To My Twenty-Four-Year-Old Self by Brenda Shaughnessy You wouldn’t know me, If I came to you in a dream. You’d be sleeping It off, you’d be naked And cute, but you think You’re a kind of monster And maybe you are, Just not an ugly one. That whole business Will come later. You’d pass me […]

Episode #2814: A Huge Prog Rock Hole

January 14, 2019 · Duration: 1:33:19 · Play

Luke and Andrew discuss the end of a local radio show that is very close to their hearts. Luke also weighs in on the new Marie Kondo Netflix show, and Andrew listens to Squeeze for the very first time (and he likes it!)

36: Quiet Places

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Quiet Places by Lemn Sissay Some people on bus seats shake at the shoulders, Stoned Elvises trying to dance after the gig. Some walk into the rain and look like they’re smiling, Running mascara writes sad bitter letters on their faces. Some drive their cars into lay-bys or park edges And cradle the steering-wheel looking […]

Episode #2813: Schlubby Beardos

January 11, 2019 · Duration: 1:25:28 · Play

Luke played his first game as a member of the vaunted Bellingham Sledghogs basketball team. He and Andrew also say goodbye to a very special snail named George, and they discuss a very interesting plan to get people to stop stealing “420” signs off the highway. Plus, it’s a Friday, so they have some Music For Your Weekend.

35: Poem Where I Be a Doe & You, by Effect, Are a Wolf

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Poem Where I Be a Doe & You, by Effect, Are a Wolf by Danez Smith lay me down on eye-white snow     my slow brooding bed of robin wings my body slit & smearing everywhere.     I will not name this new opening a wound. here, there is no pain I didn’t beg for.     I heard […]

Episode #2812: If You Can’t Handle The Street, Get Out Of The Canyonero

January 10, 2019 · Duration: 1:28:37 · Play

A guy is suing Burger King after getting locked in the restaurant’s dirty bathroom, and that’s not even the weird part of the story. Luke and Andrew also discuss anger management and the time Andrew was forced to do the Humpty Dance.

34: Speaking Tree

· Duration: 5:00 · Play

Speaking Tree by Joy Harjo I had a beautiful dream I was dancing with a tree. —Sandra Cisneros Some things on this earth are unspeakable: Genealogy of the broken— A shy wind threading leaves after a massacre, Or the smell of coffee and no one there— Some humans say trees are not sentient beings, But […]

Episode #2811: Bird Box Brain

January 9, 2019 · Duration: 1:29:55 · Play

Luke and Andrew dig into Luke’s newest TV obsession, Patriot on Amazon Prime, and they talk Bird Box, A Quiet Place, and why Andrew freaked out when he got out of bed today.

33: Photograph: Circa 1960

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Photograph: Circa 1960 by Angela Jackson How wide the sidewalks were! You stood in the middle of ours. Definite and debonair. Mama with a big black Patent leather handbag. Strap Draped over her arm. Chic. Loose coat holding no baby inside. Madaddy suited, slanted wide brim hat. At attention As if he were seeing Paris […]

Episode #2810: Shroom For Improvement

January 8, 2019 · Duration: 3:10:29 · Play

Luke and Andrew talk about everything — literally everything — for, like, three hours. It’s a show for the ages!

32: Gentrifier

· Duration: 5:00 · Play

Gentrifier by Franny Choi the new grocery store sells real cheese, edging out        the plastic bodega substitute. the new neighbors know how to feed their children, treat themselves        to oysters sometimes. other times, to brunch. finally, some good pastrami around these parts. new cafe        on broadway. new trees in the sidewalk. everyone can breathe a […]

Episode #2809: Sledgehog Millionaire

January 7, 2019 · Duration: 1:14:14 · Play

Luke finds a way to literally ring in the New Year with a new desktop toy. Plus, he managed to avoid several potential altercations over the holiday. And he’s joined a new basketball team with a problematic name.

31: Turtle, Swan

· Duration: 6:30 · Play

Turtle, Swan by Mark Doty Because the road to our house is a back road, meadowlands punctuated by gravel quarry and lumberyard, there are unexpected travelers some nights on our way home from work. Once, on the lawn of the Tool and Die Company, a swan; the word doesn’t convey the shock of the thing, […]

Episode #2808: More Kicks Than A Chorus Line

January 4, 2019 · Duration: 41:41 · Play

Camaro Kev and Carey help Luke and Andrew wrap-up two weeks TBTL Plays Favorites. Today’s topic inspires conversations about a deconstructed and reconstructed Big Mac and big times at Saucy’s Pizza.

30: Vows

· Duration: 5:00 · Play

Vows by Melissa Stein He didn’t invite me to the wedding. Am I some kind of ghost? A few roses blown open. People kept trooping back and forth in downpour to view the thorny stalks. I saw the photos. Am I shameful? Even from far away you can tell someone’s age by how her body […]

Episode #2807: The Dazzling Deets Of Diamond Dave

January 3, 2019 · Duration: 32:12 · Play

TBTL Plays Favorites continues with Luke, Andrew and Camaro Kev talking about a few of their favorite things. Today’s secret topic involves a seemingly magical curling club and someone named “Juck Klosternik”.