Episode #7: The Best of C-Listers and Lemongrab Evolution

July 29, 2015 · 51:05
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Who are your favorite C-listers on Adventure Time? That’s the question hosts Open Mike Eagle and John Moe grapple with this week as they enumerate their top five characters who have appeared on more than one episode but are far from being the leading players. Will Tiffany make the list? How about Shelby the worm? Then, Mike interviews storyboard artist Jesse Moynihan about their shared love of Magic Man, creating Lemongrab without knowing the character would last more than one episode, and the flexibility of Finn.

The Silent King
The Great Bird Man
Furniture & Meat
Jake vs. Me-Mow
Death In Bloom
Blade of Grass
Something Big
Slumber Party Panic
Finn the Human
My Two Favorite People
One Last Job
Mystery Dungeon
Little Brother
Too Young
Freak City
You Made Me
You Forgot Your Floaties
Ghost Princess