Episode #13: Bonnie & Neddy, Varmints, and Ashly Burch

November 4, 2015 · 29:12
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Adventure Time is back with a new season and Conversation Parade is back as well to help you pick apart what’s happening. Bonnie & Neddy introduces us to Princess Bubblegum’s younger brother, an easily frightened tree root-sucking dragon, leading Mike to wonder if the whole candy kingdom runs on anxiety. Princess Bubblegum sets off to hunt pumpkin-eating monsters in Varmints and along the way has an existential crisis, leading John to ask who Princess Bubblegum really is now that she’s not a princess. Also, an interview with Ashly Burch. She’s a YouTube star turned Adventure Time actor (the voice of Breezy the bee) and now she’s been hired to help write the show.

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