Episode #2: David Koechner, Dave Hill, The Tournament of Names (Round One)

August 25, 2014 · 53:18

As the NFL season looms, John Moe is forced to once again weigh his love of the game versus the abhorrent stories associated with it.  Or, as he puts it, the “Go Seahawks/blood on my hands” conundrum.   Actor David Koechner discusses his beloved Chiefs, fondly remembers Christian “The Nigerian Nightmare” Okoye, and recalls the weirdness of Joe Montana, Kansas City Chief.  Comedian/musican/author/Cleveland native Dave Hill is appropriately wary of any Johnny Manziel/LeBron James-led renaissance for the city’s sports fans.  Finally, John, writer/actor Mike Fotis, and Wits Executive Producer Peter Clowney break down who would win in a fight between the actual names of NFL teams, in a single-elimination tournament.  Mike has a different understanding of what panthers do in the jungle than most animal scientists do.


  • “Dirt, dead grass, and poo.” –John, on what people associate with Browns
  • “They’re essentially amphibians.” –Mike, on the Vikings
  • “London without all the stuff.”  Dave Hill, on the city of Cleveland