Episode #1: Jonah Keri, Rhett Miller, Dana Burgess

August 25, 2014 · 43:15

On the inaugural episode of Home Dunk, John Moe talks with Grantland’s Jonah Keri about the home stretch of this baseball season and celebrates the portly wonders of Bartolo Colon.  Then, the Old 97’s’ Rhett Miller justifies his unjustifiable love of the Dallas Cowboys, hails Tony Romo’s rakish grin and Wisconsin charm, and reveals the time Rhett’s grandpa blew the family fortune bringing professional football to Dallas.  Finally, Dana Burgess, an honest-to-goodness professor of classics, tells John how LeBron James is and is not like Odysseus and The Prodigal Son and Achilles.


  • Yes, “Theme from Home Dunk” is great.  Yes, it’s better than every other podcast theme ever.  Yes, Open Mike Eagle is the best.  Yes, he also has an Infinite Guest podcast that you should listen to.
  • Clayton Kershaw is better at the throwing of baseballs than you, or possibly anyone else, right now.
  • Kevin Love’s surname gives John the opportunity to make an astonishing number of references to different love songs.
  • SPOILER ALERT: There is an update from the World Matchplay Darts 2014 Tournament in Blackpool.  If you have DVR’d this for viewing later, mute the show at the 41:00 minute mark.