Episode #5: The Whole Adrian Peterson Thing, Luke Burbank, Matthew Baldwin, and The Pinot Noir Warm Herman Miller Aeron Chair

September 16, 2014 · 38:53
Image courtesy Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/R-Games-650-1st-Goal/dp/B005GNPDK8)

So, Adrian Peterson.

John’s a football fan who lives in Minnesota.  In addition to that, he was born into Vikings fandom thanks to his Norwegian parents.  Although he’s a Seattle native and a Seahawks partisan, he still has a soft spot for the home state team.  Or rather, had.  John tells you why.

In addition, he welcomes Live Wire! host Luke Burbank to share stories of their Seattle fandom, and Matthew Baldwin of Defective Yeti to help disgusted NFL fans with their Sunday board game options.

SEATTLE: Luke still calls the Pacific Northwest home, and can confirm that Seahawks fans, fresh off the city’s first Super Bowl victory, are not “acting like they’ve been there before.”

PULL QUOTE: “‘I don’t watch football’ is the new ‘I don’t own a TV’ of 2014 Seattle.”

BOARD GAMES: Matthew suggests 1st & Goal if you still want a football fix, Formula D if you’d prefer a different sport, and K2 if mountaineering is your thing.


  • Substitute “modern country music” for “the National Football League” in any story about the NFL.  Then see if you still like it.
  • The board game K2 is notable for the goal being not to reach the top of K2 fastest, but rather to just not fall off a mountain and die.
  • John breaks down the key Cowdenbeath/Heart of Midlothian tilt in the Scottish Championship League