Episode #3: Chuck Klosterman, College Football, and the Tournament of Names (Round Two)

September 3, 2014 · 53:08

John Moe considers college football.  Much like with The Walking Dead, enjoying the sport almost has to involve suspending your disbelief, as he discusses with author and writer of the New York Times’ “The Ethicist” column, Chuck Klosterman.  John compares the experience of enjoying college football to liking Prince.  Chuck talks about Notre Dame being the best at pretending to be what the sport pretends it is.  John makes the inarguable point that “Golden Gophers” is a silly name for a football team.  Later on, the Tournament of Names continues its onslaught, with Mike Fotis and Peter Clowney again joining John to winnow the field further.  Weird facts about eagles are learned along the way.


  • John Moe met Warren Moon at a mall opening.
  • Chuck Klosterman likes all orange teams, regardless of ability.
  • The Kevin Smith/Prince story that Chuck references is here.


  • “Corvallis is kind of a terrible place to be.” –Klosterman, on why it’s hard to root against Oregon State
  • “Illinoisians.” –Fotis, coining what I’m hoping will be the word used to describe Sufjan Stevens acolytes
  • “Sanctioned giraffe murder” –John Moe, on things that Texans do
  • “Credit cards are really confusing to lions.”  –Fotis again.  This makes a lot of sense.